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If you like to win a handsome amount without investing a single penny, then you are at the perfect place. Here you can win a handsome amount of money by visiting the PCH site and registering. Then you will be given a code. And getting a code means a lot to you. It increases the chances of winning a good amount of money. So after receiving the code, you can redeem the code and get the winning on your account. So here is a process that will explain to you to win a good amount of money on

What is

Pch, also known as the publisher’s clearing house, is s site where you can win a good amount of price in the form of money. To win the money, you need to register yourself on the official site of PCH and then it sends you the activation code. This activation code needs redemption. Use the activation code to get the winnings. Also, if you are thinking about the safety of this site, then let me tell you that the site is trustworthy for any user.

How to register for the winnings?

The first step in getting the winnings on the pch is creating an account or simply registering for the PCH site. The process is as follows;

  • First, you will need a web browser to get access to pch.
  • Using the web browser’s search engine, type and then enter.
  • Then you are now on the official site of PCH.
  • Now using the “Win It” button present in the blue colour, you can enter the registration process.
  • Hit the button, and now you are in the registration process.
  • First, select the title for your name from the list as “Mrs, Mr., Ms.”.
  • Then enter your first name as well as last name.
  • After this, enter your postal address along with the zip code.
  • Now give any registered email address and then again type it to confirm.
  • The email plays an important role here, as you will receive the activation code using it.
  • So enter the email address and then the date of birth.
  • Now again, hit the “Win It” button. 
  • This win-it button is now in green colour.
  • Now that you have registered for the PCH, you will soon wait for the activation code to receive to email inbox.

How to use the activation code received on email or post:

You get the activation code by pch on your email address or the carrier system on your postal address. Let’s see both of this one by one.

Through email address:

If you receive the email address through the email address, then follow the steps given below;

  • Open the email you receive from the PCH official mail.
  • Then go to the web link.
  • You can also check the email for its validity on the same site.
  • To provide the appropriate information as asked on the pch link.
  • After verification, go to the same link, i.e.
  • Enter the activation code that you receive in the email.
  • Then enter the other details such as first name, last name, postal address, zip code and email address.
  • Now it will also confirm your details and then provide you with the participation for winning.
  • Then after a few days, it will announce the result of the winner.
  • If it’s your luck, you can get huge money through it.

Through a Postal Letter:

There are many chances that PCH sends the activation code through the letter to your postal address. The process to activate the activation code is as follows;

  • Take the postal letter.
  • Then remove all the coverings over the main page of the received letter.
  • You must perform this process carefully so the activation code may not be eared off.
  • Then get the activation code out of the letter.
  • It’s present in the corner of the letter.
  • Now take any device and open a web browser on it.
  • Go to
  • Here enter the activation code.
  • Click on the activate button.
  • Then you will receive an email of successful activation.
  • Here you can also verify the realness of the letter received.
  • So whenever the winner is declared over the patch, it will notify you.
  • If your name, then you can win a large amount of money.

Is the PCH site safe to provide my details?

If you provide your details on PCH, then the question may appear in your mind regarding the legitness of the site. So let me tell you that the site is legit and has been granted permission from the government itself. This site provides the winning to the end user, including tax details and much more information. There is an official centre for the site in the united states. And then another proof of the site’s legitness is its postal address. You will get the address on the website and the postal letter you received. So this is all about pch.

Can I verify the activation code that I received?

Yes, you can verify the activation code you receive on the email address. You can use the site link to verify the activation code. Visit this site and then enter the activation code. The tab will automatically verify your entered activation code and then confirm it. Then you will be asked for the other details. Provide it, and you are now the participant for the winnings provided by pch.

How to identify the official postcard received from PCH?

The PCH official postcard consists of the postal address you entered while registering for the PCH winnings. Also, the activation link, i.e., is given over there. Along with this, the postcard is packed into an orange cover with the official PCH logo. So this is how you can identify the official PCH postcard received from you.

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