What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat?

The most difficult aspect about Snapchat lingo is that there is no entire lexicon. Just kidding, I’m working on one! Some are well-known and cross platforms, while others might be difficult to understand. ‘KMS’ is an excellent one that will make you laugh.

What is it about social media language that is so perplexing? It does not have a dictionary in which you may look up acronyms. Social media lingo is quite common and is always utilised by its users. Conversing in the internet’s brand-new language is not only rapid but also entertaining.

This vernacular is created by social media users themselves, and newcomers are sometimes perplexed by this acronym vocabulary. To assist all of them, today we will discuss KMS, a commonly utilised Snapchat slang. Read more here. What Does Snapchat’s KMS Stand For?

What Does Snapchat’s KMS Stand For?

The acronym “KMS” stands for “kill myself.” For example, a Snapchat user may send you ‘KMS’ if they are annoyed or disagree with your material. It’s an overreaction to bad circumstances.

Of course, KMS on Snapchat does not equal kilometres. It’s something completely unexpected. On Snapchat, KMS stands for ‘Kill Myself.’ It may be used as a theatrical expression on Snapchat to demonstrate faux rage to your lover, bae, or friends. On a more serious note, it might be a suicide threat or expressing melancholy, grief, or disdain.

The basic concept of the acronym KMS is emotional exaggeration. When someone says KMS, it does not imply to kill himself, but rather to exaggerate or overreact to any adverse scenario. In other words, it’s a means of expressing how distressing or terrible something is. However, if someone uses it in a true manner, it is concerning and must be addressed. KMS is quite popular among teens, who frequently use it to express their annoyance or disagreement with social network posts.

What Does Discord’s KMS Stand For?

KMS on Discord

Discord is a social network, yet it differs significantly from Instagram and Snapchat-like systems. There are many channels and groups on Discord depending on employment, society, and hobbies. The aim is to eliminate the unwanted and uninteresting individuals, and only a small group of pals may hang out together.

Discord is not immune to the slang wave, and KMS means the same thing on Snapchat as it does on Discord. On Discord, KMS also stands for ‘Kill Myself.’ This phrase has no distinct meaning on Discord. Because the meaning is the same, the use must be the same in similar settings.

What Does KMS Stand For In Automobiles?

Yes, you guessed correctly. In the automotive sector, KMS stands for ‘Kilometers.’ Kilometers are a unit of measurement that measures how far an automobile is driven. The most frequent complete version of the acronym KMS is ‘Kilometers.’ On social media, though, it has a whole different connotation.

People frequently examine the Kilometers or KMS of automobiles to determine how old the vehicle is. KMS is the best element to consider when purchasing used automobiles since it offers an insight of the car’s physical condition. Keeping track of the exact amount of kilometres is vital for automobile maintenance.

What Does HMU On Snapchat Mean?

HMU is another famous Snapchat lingo. HMU stands for ‘Hit Me Up.’ Unlike KMS, this one is used constructively to encourage others to contact you. That is, if you receive a text from HMU, it signifies that the individual is encouraging you to connect through phone or text.

Many Snapchat users utilise HMU in public postings, which can be seen as an open call to connect or as a request for subscribers to subscribe or followers to follow back. Many individuals also post HMU to indicate that they are seeking for something fun to do and invite others to join them.

HMU can also be utilised by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to rally public support for a worthy cause. As an example, consider encouraging people to join campaigns for girls’ education or to assist the underprivileged.

Other Snapchat Terminology That You Should Be Aware Of

Aside from KMS, there are several other terms you need to be familiar with in order to effectively represent yourself on Snapchat. We’ve compiled a list of commonly used Snapchat lingo for your convenience.

What Does GTS on Snapchat Mean?

The abbreviation GTS stands for ‘Good Times.’ It can alternatively be translated as ‘Go To Sleep.’ Both are accurate and are used as GTS. The significance of GTS is interpreted based on the discourse. For example, if someone brings you old images from years ago to bring back memories, GTS stands for Good Times. However, if you are sending worthless messages or pictures to someone late at night and the other person texts you GTS, chances are it means Go To Sleep.

What Does Snapchat’s SU Stand For?

This one, too, has two meanings that are diametrically opposed. SU stands for ‘Swipe Up,’ but it also stands for ‘Shut Up.’ Again, we would say that is dependent on the content of the dialogue. Say, if a friend is being particularly obnoxious or teasing, you can tell him to Shut Up. On the other hand, you may type SU in the caption of your new Snapchat stories as a call to action button, which stands for Swipe Up.


Acronyms are most likely the reason Snapchat is so appealing to its users. The more we use them, the more such slang words appear. Who knows, maybe in the future this lingo may take over the internet.

KMS is not meant to be a bad or offensive term until it is used in that way. It is just a reaction to any unpleasant or vexing event or item. We hope you found the answer to what KMS me on Snapchat, and that the next time someone uses KMS in his message, you won’t be perplexed. Hopefully, your Snapchat acronym knowledge has increased since last time. You may use it to express your displeasure with anything on social media. It’s a lot of fun!

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