What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat? Usage & Definition!

“Good Times” is the most common usage of GTS on Snapchat. However, it might indicate multiple things depending on the dialogue, which is all discussed in this post.

Snapchat has grown in popularity because it allows users to send messages that disappear after being read or according to the choice selected by the sender. This increased autonomy and privacy has and continues to win the hearts of millions of teens.

Nobody, new or old, can claim to understand everything there is to know about Snapchat. You’re sure to get stopped someplace, whether it’s with the hardware, the algorithm, or the language.

If you want to stay a step ahead of the world, you will undoubtedly feel the urge to install and become acquainted with the app. Then comes the most crucial portion. Understanding Snapchat lingo. You are simply outdated without this.

Are you new, and someone has given you a message with a string of words you don’t understand? If one of those is GTS, you’re probably wondering what GTS means on Snapchat, and we’re here to tell you all you need to know. What it implies, where to use it, and what not to use it for.

GTS Definition

So, first, consider the GTS definition. It is not simple to convince those who are unfamiliar with Snapchat’s language to grasp all of the brief forms of Snapchat. And responding to these texts is more challenging. These shortcuts aren’t even obvious.

In many apps, GTS now stands for Go To Sleep. This appears to be entirely normal, and hence the user is readily misled. Even if you search for the entire form in Google, some results will show ‘Go-To Sleep.’ To further complicate matters, some Snapchat users may use GTS to communicate going to sleep or to request that someone go to sleep.

In Snapchat, the phrase has still another meaning. It may also mean “Google that garbage.”

Did somebody have a bad week and send you a picture with GTS scrawled on it? It can even signify “going through the motions.”

But don’t worry about what you know about the acronym. In Snapchat, GTS stands for “Good Times.”

What Does Snapchat’s GTS Stand For?

GTS Stand for

Excellent Times

When utilised as an abbreviation for “Good Times,” GTS is typically used to terminate a discussion. It is used to indicate that you’ve been having a nice time or that life in general is going well. It might also imply that a previous encounter was pleasant when discussing some pleasant recollections you had. So, let’s have a look over what GTS stands for.

Look it up on Google

When GTS is used instead of Google That Shit, it is in answer to an inquiry about what something means or if someone is bothering you by asking for specifics about anything, and this is how you communicate your frustration.

Go to bed

It may also be used in lieu of Good Night as an abbreviation for “Go To Sleep.” It is used to request that someone go offline and snooze. You may also say “Go To Sleep” sarcastically in response to someone being irritating. It typically represents the fact that you are exhausted and need to relax right now. We’ve been using this since we couldn’t have access to touch displays.

Going Through Change

Going Through Shit is applied when someone has had a particularly difficult day or life experience. Someone who has a lot of troubles is likely to remark something like this. You may be familiar with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly. In this regard, he has a tune called GTS.

GTS application

There is a Snapchat lens named Good Times. This may be done to your images to make them look a lot cooler and to wow the folks to whom you send snaps. On Snapchat, there are several Good Times snaps. All of these filters are applicable. As a result, this abbreviation can also be used to refer to these filters.

You may also send this as text to other Snapchat users. This may be delivered in a simple message or over a snap and sent to the other person as a sort of a good night greeting, especially when you intend to go to sleep.

GTS Case Studies

Even if you grasp the meaning of a short form, it might be difficult to recognise where to use it. Now that you know what gts means on Snapchat, you must understand how to utilise it in the appropriate tone. However, adjusting the tone or applying in the incorrect spot may instantly transform you from cool to a total fool. So here are some instances of how GTS might be used:

  • When used as a short form for Good Times – Remember that pool party we went to? GTS!
  • When used as an abbreviation for Go To Sleep, I can get up early anytime I GTS.
  • Why don’t you just go and GTS when used as an abbreviated form for Google That Shit?
  • I’ve been GTS when used as an abbreviated form for Going Through Shit.

GTS in Popular Culture

GTS has been heavily utilised in many famous objects in pop culture, therefore when used as a snap, this does not have to signify any of the typical complete forms for the abbreviation. Sometimes your pals who are always up to speed on everything and you never understand what they are referring to may be using the acronym to refer to doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with the acronym itself. In these cases, it can refer to any of the foregoing.

GTS vehicles

This has caused quite a stir on Instagram, so you may already be aware of what this signifies. This article is about GT sports vehicles. People who own GT sports cars make a point of bragging about them, thus there are hundreds of postings about GT sports cars alone, and no matter how inactive you are, you are guaranteed to run across any post at least once. So, in this context, it might refer to sports vehicles, so don’t confuse it with any other abbreviation.

GTS of Machine Gun Kelly

This abbreviation refers to the well-known song Going Through Shit, which is also one of the acronyms we examined before. So, if you see Machine Gun Kelly mentioned someplace with the abbreviation GTS, keep in mind that this is based on the song, not any other acronym.

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