Technology Activate on Roku, Apple TV or FireTV Activate is an American tv channel and a streaming service dedicated to biographic movies and series. Here you can enjoy watching documentary moves and many other shows at home. The Vice entertainment program powers this streaming service. It’s available on nearly every tv provider’s list in the united states. And nowadays, due to advancements in application technology, the Vice tv application is available for many smart devices. So here is the guide that explains the activation of Vice tv on your smart devices. There are separate steps provided for every intelligent device. So if you have subscribed to the vice tv channel from your tv provider, then let’s begin with its activation.

Guide for activating Vice tv on various smart devices;

Activation generally takes a few seconds and is quite a simple process. But before the activation, there is a long process, from subscribing to vice tv to installing its application on your device. And in this process, there is a requirement of some basic things that you need to consider. So here is the list of some essential components before activating vice tv on your smart device.

  • Activation subscription to vice tv by your tv provider.
  • Internet connection.
  • Smart device for installing the application.
  • A second device used for activation, i.e., Smartphone or Pc.
  • Steps for activation.

So if you have not subscribed to the vice tv service, then just contact your tv provider and activate the subscription right now. As this journey will be an intelligent explanation of starting Vice tv, go through the basic activation steps, and then we’ll see it in detail.

Basic Steps in activating Vice tv on your smart device:

  • First, download the vice tv application on your smart tv.
  • Be ready with the vice subscription and the name of your tv provider.
  • Now open the application and wait on the activation code screen.
  • Open another device, such as your smartphone.
  • Enter in the search engine of it.
  • Then enter the activation code as displayed on your tv.
  • After this, enter the name of your tv provider.
  • Now finally, click on the continue button.
  • And you are finally with the activated vice tv on your smart device.
  • These are the basic steps in activating vice tv on any smart device.

What are the steps in activating vice tv on Roku Tv?

Roku Tv, or the Roku smart device, is a compatible device with every application on smart tv. So if you have the Roku tv at your home, then the below-given steps are for you.

  • Please turn on your Roku device and then open up its home page.
  • Then go to the three dots present in the upper corner.
  • Using these dots, you can open up the menu bar of the Roku device.
  • Another method to open the menu bar is to click the menu bar button on the Roku remote.
  • There are various sections in the menu bar.
  • As you will scroll down, you will come across the channel section.
  • Expand it and then click on the Add channel section.
  • Now the application store link window appears. 
  • A search bar is provided so you can search for the voice tv channel.
  • Now, after you find it, press the add channel button.
  • Now, wait for the application to download.
  • After its download, click on the Go to the Channel button.
  • Or you can return to the Roku home screen and open the channel from here.
  • Now, wait for the permissions tab to open and provide it permissions.
  • Then simply the activation code screen strikes on your Roku tv screen.
  • This is a necessary code, and the activation process starts here.
  • Now merely open any second device as mentioned in the requirements section.
  • Open its web browser subsequently.
  • Then go to
  • Now enter the activation code as it displays on your tv screen.
  • Also, enter the tv provider’s name.
  • Finally, your vice tv will activate and start showing the tv shows and series on your Roku tv screen.

What are the steps in activating vice tv on Apple Tv?

Apple tv is considered one of the best TVs for watching movies and shows. The video and audio quality of it fascinated any movie lover. So here is how you can activate the vice tv on your apple smart tv.

  • Be ready with the details of your tv provider and the active subscription to Vice tv.
  • Then turn on your apple tv and open the apple application store.
  • Now navigate to the above-given search bar on the application store.
  • Here you will search the Vice tv application.
  • Select the proper application from the search results.
  • Now go through the details of your vice tv application.
  • Then click on the get button, as you will need the application installation.
  • After it installs, click on the open button.
  • Now the application will appear on your apple tv screen.
  • Wait for the animation related to vice tv.
  • After this occurs, the activation screen is.
  • The activation code, along with the activation link, is a component visible on the activation screen.
  • After this, open another device that will help you activate your apple tv.
  • Let’s consider you are opening up your smartphone or the pc.
  • Then opening its web browser, go to the google search engine.
  • On this search engine, just go for
  • Hit the enter button or the search button.
  • Then the activation screen is about to open.
  • Here first, you will need to select your device.
  • Then need to choose the tv provider.
  • You can also search for your tv provider if it’s unavailable on the list.
  • Then enter the activation code.
  • Press the continue button.
  • After this, it will redirect to your service provider’s website, where you must log in.
  • Finally, you will get the vice tv activated on your apple tv.

What are the steps to activate vice tv on your amazon Fire tv or the Firestick:

Fire tv is similar to the Roku device, but the steps for activating the vice tv are not the same. So to get the vice tv activated on your fire tv, follow the steps as provided;

  • Open up the amazon fire tv application store.
  • Then using the glass-colored search bar, search for vice tv on it.
  • Now open the application as it appears in the search results.
  • Just press the get button to start the installation of the vice tv on the fire tv.
  • Now, wait for the installation to complete.
  • Open the vice tv application using the open button.
  • You can also unplug it using your fire tv home screen.
  • Now just run through some quick setup steps.
  • You will get an activation code on your fire tv screen at the end of these setup steps.
  • Along with the activation code, you will also get the activation steps.
  • So for activation, you will require a second device.
  • You can take your mobile phone and then open its web browser.
  • Now using the web browser’s search engine, simply go for
  • Now on the activation page, there are some details to fill up.
  • It consists of selecting your smart device first.
  • There is a list of devices provided.
  • Then select your tv provider’s name.
  • You can also search for the name of the tv provider and then continue.
  • After this, enter the activation code and click on the continue button.
  • On the next page, you will be on your service provider’s site.
  • Provide the details of your account and then continue.
  • After verification, you will activate the vice TV on your fire tv.


What if my Vice tv subscription ends?

Ans: There is a situation when your vice tv subscription will show the subscription end sign. So now, you will need to contact your service provider and activate it. Or visit the tv provider’s official site and sign in to your account. Now under the vice tv channel section, you can renew the subscription. It will cost you some fees for activation, but it’s negligible. So these are the steps that you can perform after your subscription ends.

What if there is an error in the activation of vice tv?

Ans: Activation error appears only when there is a mistake in entering the activation code or the service provider name. So enter the activation code as it appears on your screen., A small mistake in the case of the letter can cause the error. Also, ensure you do not refresh the activation code on your tv screen. This will lead to a new activation code and the expiry of the old one. 

Is there a mobile application for vice tv?

Ans: yes, there is a mobile application for vice tv. You can get this application with the help of the play store or the apple application store. Install the application and proceed to the on-screen sign-in process. That’s it.

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