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Looking to manage and monitor your shipments with a Rollo shipping label printer? Check out our Rollo shipping label guide to learn how to design your labels quickly and easily!

With the majority of the globe now working from home, many entrepreneurs have started a side business. Many of these ways to make money necessitate the use of a rapid and dependable label printer to distribute things straight from your house. The Rollo Printer is a fantastic alternative, but it does have a few drawbacks. Many customers have claimed that their device is not printing.

Printer troubleshooting often entails a lot of random keyword typing into a search engine and hope the web can read your mind. It’s frustrating and time-consuming, and it’s honestly not pleasant. Our guide contains the information you need in words you can comprehend, as well as resources. You won’t have to look up the definition of a phrase in the troubleshooting guide you worked so hard to find.

What exactly is a thermal printer?

A thermal printer is a printer that does not use ink to print and instead utilises a particular type of paper that changes colour when heated. The receipt you obtain from cash registers in businesses or restaurants is the most common sort of thermal paper. While thermal colour printers are available, most thermal printers are utilised for printing in black and white.

What are the benefits of using a thermal printer?

You might be asking why thermal printers are so useful throughout the shipping process, and you’d be right! Thermal printers do not utilise toner, therefore you do not need to purchase typical inks. Thermal printers also print quicker than regular laser printers, and label rolls are typically less costly than printer paper.

The Rollo Printer is not printing

If your Rollo Printer is not printing, make sure the device is turned on, check the power and USB cable, and make sure the right active printer is chosen. If the problem persists, check the label size and perform automated label identification. Finally, uninstall the most recent Automatic updates and clean the printer.

Continue reading for more detailed information on how to get it back up and running!

We’ll begin with the simpler, more obvious remedies then progress to more difficult troubleshooting techniques.

Step 1: Ensure that the Rollo printer is turned on

I understand. You didn’t come here expecting to be asked, “Did you try turning it on?” I understand, but I did say we’d start with the most apparent troubleshooting methods first!

Please verify with me.

It is fairly unusual to switch on your printer once and never check it again.

Locate the power button on the back of the gadget and ensure that it is turned ON.

Step 2: Ensure that the power cable is securely connected

Next, double-check that the power cord is securely attached on both ends.

Your Rolo Printer may not print so because the power cord is not firmly plugged into the power socket.

Examine the connection on the back of your printer between the power wire, the black power box, and the wall power socket.

At the same time, inspect your power cord for visible damage. It’s also a good idea to test another device with the wall outlet you’re using to ensure everything is working properly.

Step 3: Confirm that the USB cable is secure

At this point, you can be positive that the power has been switched on and that the power cord is secure on all ends. But no such luck.

Let’s stay with the cable motif. Even if the connection on either end of the USB cable is slightly damaged, an error might occur.

Do you see the little space between the USB and the USB port on my laptop in the image below? That, you guessed it, was enough to cause a problem.

Ascertain that the USB cable is securely connected on both ends.

This step, of course, does not apply to those who have the new WiFi Rollo Printer. Continue reading for WiFi-specific troubleshooting assistance.

Step 4: Choose the proper active printer name

Okay, we’ve covered some fundamentals. Let’s move on to more precise troubleshooting measures.

Some of you may have had no problems with your printer until lately. You are now seeing a green light, and when you try to print, the labels do not advance.

Most of the time, this is because you replaced the USB port to which Informed the submitter was previously attached to your PC.

Finally, if you insert your Rollo into a different USB port, Windows recognises it as a new printer. As a result, attempting to print just adds this request to the print settings of the registered party version.

There are two straightforward solutions:

  • Simply connect your printer to the same USB port you were previously using.
  • Go to your Control Panel and select Printer from The list if you want to keep your printer in the new USB port. You will be able to recognise and choose the “active” version here.

Why is your PC creating several copies of your Rolo Printer in the first place? It turns out that this is done so that you may run many Rolo Printers from the same computer, each with customizable label choices enabled.

Step 5: Confirm that you have the appropriate label size

Label widths range from 4cm (1.57′′) to 10.4cm (4.1′′) on the Rollo Printer.

This might be the case if you try to submit a longer or shorter label to Wesley than it can handle.

To verify your label size on Windows, perform the following:

  • Select Devices and Printer from the Control Panel. Then, right-click on Rollo, choose Printer Preferences, and then pick the Advanced option. The majority of 4 x 6 labels are 100mm x 150mm.

To verify your label size in Mac, do the following:

Simply enter 100mm x 150mm or 4′′ x 6′′ in the print window.

It’s also a good idea to double-check the application’s printer settings. Some apps, such as Adobe Reader, may override your label settings.

In the print box, double-check Page Setup and Paper Size to ensure the in-app size choices are right.

Step 6: Execute the Automatic Label Recognition

Is there a red light on your device? Perhaps your machine is skipping labels or repeatedly passing labels through without printing?

If this is the case, Rollo may need to “re-learn” your label.

First, make sure you have enough labels ready to feed into your printer.

Loading all labels upside down is a typical error. When it comes out of your gadget, the part of the label that you peeled should face the ceiling. Make certain that your labels are correctly loaded.

Next, hold and press the circle button on the printer’s top. Let go when you hear a single beep.

The automated label recognition procedure will now begin. The tags will slide in and out as the system analyses their size and other characteristics.

To watch this technique in action, start at the 1:00 minute point in the video below.

If the identification process does not begin for whatever reason, simply the printer is turned off and then back implemented proactive using the power switch on the back. You might also try unplugging the USB cord before beginning the operation.

When the test is finished, reconnect the USB cord to Rollo and try your print again.

NOTE: To print a test page, press and hold the top round button until you hear two beeps.

Step 7: Revert the Most Recent Windows Update

Many consumers have reported that after upgrading to Windows 11, their printer no longer works. Furthermore, Rollo assistance has been unable to resolve the problem.

Longer term, the problem will require a Rollo Driver upgrade, which has not yet been issued at the time of writing (15-Dec-2021).

Rollo’s most recent install update was released on March 19, 2020. Visit Rollo setup support to check if any new drivers are available in the future.

In the meanwhile, it appears that the only solution is to revert to Windows 10.

To revert to Windows 10, go to Settings, System, and then the Recovery tab. Under the Recovery choices section on the Recovery screen, select Go back to the Previous versions of Windows setting.

Then just go with the next steps as directed, and on the final window, click Go back to a previous build.

If your printer continues to operate after rolling back Windows, remove and then install the driver.

Step 8: Cleaning Your Rollo Printer

Dust will accumulate on the interior of your Rollo Printer over time.

In the same instances, the obstruction becomes so severe that the ink cannot make clean touch with the labels.

To begin, turn off and disconnect your printer. Then, open your device and clean the printer head with isopropyl alcohol. With a QuTip, gently and completely clean it.

After a thorough cleaning, try your printer. It should be repaired!

Wireless Rollo Printer Doesn’t Connect

In November 2021, Rollo also introduced the Rollo Wireless Printer. Since then, a number of customers have reported WiFi connectivity problems.

I performed some research and collated the top stated troubleshooting methods I could discover to date:

  • Restart the computer.
  • Reboot the router.
  • Turn off the firewall.
  • Rollo Printer Driver should be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Using the IPv4 address, manually add the Rolo printer.

If these instructions do not connect your wifi gadget to the internet, there are two waste workarounds:

  • Use the USB cord (not ideal, but you paid for the wireless edition for a reason!)
  • Start a hotspot using your mobile and connect both your PC and printer to the hotspot rather than your standard WiFi.

How can I improve the tiny font on my labels?

Do you have to squint to make out the lettering on your label? These actions should be beneficial:

  • In your printer list, right-click on the Rollo printer icon.
  • Click Printing Preferences > Options for Windows or right-click the printer and choose Default paper size for Mac in your printer settings.
  • For a typical 46 Rollo label, set the paper size to 100mm x 150mm.

How can I prevent my labels from being reprinted?

Repeatedly printing an outdated label wastes your materials and might cause confusion while attempting to place the proper labels on the right box (you don’t want Sidney Prescott’s order to get mixed up with Laurie Strode’s). Stop your labels from being reprinted by:

  • To remove any pending tasks in your print queue, switch off your Rollo, wait 30-60 seconds, and then turn it back on.
  • Confirming that you have a label roll ready to print with your Rollo printer
  • Hold the top, round button on your Rollo till you hear one beep, then release. Your label should begin to move back and forth before stopping at the perforated edge.
  • Waiting for your Rollo’s green light to turn back on. There should be no duplicate labels printed with your new label.

Where else can I double-check my label preferences?

Is your label still printed in the wrong size? Check your label sizes in your ShippingEasy account, and Mac users may do the same in ConnectEasy! In your ShippingEasy account, navigate to Settings > Label Sizes & Printing Options > Labels > Default label size choice > 4 x 6.

To verify your paper size in ConnectEasy, do the following:

  • Launch ConnectEasy from your PC. Open ConnectEasy by clicking either icon. If it is active, the symbol will appear in the Toolbar at the top right of your screen.
  • It will appear like this if it is unplugged.
  • Select the Printers tab. This will provide a list of printers that ConnectEasy recognises.
  • Columns to the right of every printer show the width and height of your page. To input a specific dimension, click in each cell, and the changes will be saved immediately.
  • For these measurements to apply, both the height and height fields must be filled up with a number.

How to Install a Rollo Thermal Printer

The easiest method to solve the Rollo printer problem is to set it up correctly and avoid any faults or misconfiguration that may cause printing issues. You must connect the USB cable and energy cable, and install the driver on your Windows or Mac PC, depending on which you are using. Follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Unbox the Rollo printer and you’ll find a USB cable and a power adaptor among the printer’s supplies.
  • Connect the Adapter DC socket to the Printer and the power cable to the AC Power wall socket.
  • Connect one end of the USB cable to the printers and the other to the PC/Laptop.
  • When you turn on the printer by pressing the power button, the Windows/Mac PC will begin looking for the Rollo printer driver.
  • Step by step, install the Rollo printer driver on your Windows or Mac laptop.

Why won’t my Rollo Label Printer print?

What should you do if your Rollo printer refuses to print? Your following steps will be different depending on whether you’re using Windows or Mac, so we’ve provided both sets of instructions below!

For Microsoft Windows:

Is your Rollo’s green light illuminated, but your labels aren’t printing? If this is the case, your Rollo is most likely linked to a new USB port. This indicates that Windows is identifying your printer as a whole new printer. To resolve this issue:

  • Navigate to Control Panel > Printers & Scanners.
  • Check to see whether Rollo printers are operational.
  • Try printing your label again with the active printer selected.

If none of these procedures work, remove your Rollo printer from its present USB port, reconnect it to its old USB port, and reprint your label. When you use the original USB port, Windows should detect this printer as your current printer.

For the Mac:

  • Unplug the USB cord from your Rollo from your Mac.
  • Turn down your Rollo printer and remove it from the wall*.
  • Hover your cursor over your print list on your Mac’s Printer page. Right-click on the printer list box while holding down the command key. A popup should then appear with advice on how to reset your printing system.
  • When prompted, download the most recent Mac driver.
  • Reconnect your Rollo printer to the wall*
  • Turn your Rollo printer around. Hold down the top, round button on your printer until it beeps once, then let go. Your labels will shift back and forth, and the led colour will return to its original position.
  • Hold the circle button down again once the green light returns and wait for two beeps this time. Your Rollo should print a self-test automatically.
  • After the self-test prints, reconnect your Rollo’s USB to your Mac.

*Note: Do not use extension cords or connect your Rollo printer directly into the wall; instead, use the equipped with an array that is included with your Rollo printer.

Who Are Rollo Printers Intended For?

Rollo heat printers are relatively new on the market, having only been available for a few years, yet they have quickly gained popularity among purchasers.

So, what is the purpose of this printer?

Rollo printers are ideally suited for low-volume tasks, often printing less than a few hundred labels each day. The great majority of Rollo Printer users use these printers to generate 46 shipping labels.

This makes the Rollo printer ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises and individuals who want to ship from the comfort of their own homes. While it is ideal for these clients, the Rollo is intended to print up to 650,000 labels in total.

Rollo is also one of the most economical printers on the market, with an average retail price of roughly $179.99. (as of November 2021). This makes it an excellent choice for bootstrapped enterprises on a limited budget.

Is the Rollo printer compatible with Chromebooks?

Wireless Rollo is an AirPrint-certified device that is compatible with all operating systems, including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux, and others. USB Rollo does not support publishing from other operating systems and must be hooked into a Mac or Windows computer through a USB connection.

How can I connect my wifi Rollo to the internet?

  • Press and hold the little Wi-Fi LED button (with your finger nail) for 11-15 seconds till it lights “Yellow” – this will activate the “AP Mode.”
  • Navigate to your Wi-Fi Network list on your computer, select Rollo, and click Connect.

Why is my Rollo printer not working?

If your Rollo Printer is not printing, make sure the device is turned on, check the power and USB network cables, and make sure the right active printer is chosen. If the problem persists, check the label size and perform automated label identification. Finally, uninstall the most recent Windows update and clean the printer.

What software does Rollo printer use?

Label LIVE is the only design and printing programme that works on both Windows and Mac. Print labels with flexibility and convenience, regardless of your operating system or printing model.


Don’t be alarmed if you try to use your Rollo and it won’t print! Use these eight troubleshooting procedures to get your printer up and running again today.

8 Troubleshooting Steps for the Rollo Printer

  • Check that the printer is turned on.
  • Check that the power cord is securely attached and that the USB cable connection is secure.
  • Choose the proper active printer name.
  • Check that you have the right label size.
  • Use automated label recognition.
  • Revert the most recent Windows Update
  • Rollo Printer Maintenance

Unfortunately, these solutions will not work for everyone. In this scenario, Rollo offers a one-year warranty from the point of purchase. Additional Rollo guarantee terms and conditions are also available.

If you’re still having problems after trying all of these troubleshooting procedures, you may contact Rollo customer service.

I hope these troubleshooting procedures were helpful! If this post helped you solve your problem, or if you solved it in another method, please leave a comment below so that we can add it!

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