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If you are a game lover, especially competitive games then rocketleague is for you. Rocket League is the most famous soccer game with help of cars. The game came into action in 2015 and is now available for free on the epic games platform. Instead, it’s present on the epic games platform, you can also play the game on your steam, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. Rocket League is one of the most interesting games in the free game categories. So if want to play the game on your gaming console but facing problems in getting the game and linking the account then you are in the right place. Here we have detailed information for getting rocket league on Epic and linking your gaming console.

What are the requirements for on various consoles?

Before going for the activation, you will require the following things for running the game on your console;

  • Epic Games Account: Create the Epic games account using any specific sign-up process. If already have one, then sign in using the same account. The process for creating epic games account is provided below.
  • Rocket League game purchased on Epic Games: The Rocket League is free to play on epic games, so you don’t need to pay for the game but purchasing the game is important.
  • Stable internet connection: Stable internet connection is important to activate the game as well as to play the game.
  • Another device used for activating the game: A smartphone or a computer is required so that you can use this device to visit
  • Gaming console: Actually this is the most important aspect as the main topic of discussion here is activating rocket league on your gaming console. So you will require a gaming console i.e. Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, or steam.

How to create the Epic Games account?

It’s very simple to create an Epic games account. But before going for creating the epic games account, you must at least have one of the google, Facebook, or any other gaming console account. Then go for the following steps;

  • Just open any web browser on your device.
  • Use the windows PC or laptop to access the epic games account.
  • Now using the search engine, search for
  • This will take you to the homepage of Epic Games.
  • Now in the right upper corner of the homepage, you will get the download button.
  • Besides the Download button, you will get the Sign in button.
  • Click on it.
  • Now if you have the epic games account then go for sign-in.
  • But if not then go for the Signup button.
  • Now you can select any of the provided method i.e. using the google account, Facebook account, PS, Xbox or steam account.
  • Select these accounts to enter your credentials and then go for the Signup button.
  • Now within a few seconds and a few formalities, your epic games account will create successfully.
  • This is all about creating the epic games account.

How to purchase the Roccketleague game on Epic games?

The Rocket League game is free to play even though the in-game purchase is not free. So if you want to buy the skins for your cars then you will need to pay for this. Although the game is free then to you will need to check out the game. So here are the steps to purchase the Rocket league game;

  • Go to your web browser.
  • Then go to
  • Now sign in to your epic games account.
  • Then go to the search bar of epic games and search for a rocket league game.
    Now the game will appear.
  • Go into the details of the game where you will get the add to cart button.
  • Click on the add to cart button.
  • Now visit your cart i.e. the cart icon present in the right upper corner.
  • Then simply, click on the checkout button.
  • Now it will show you the bill and checkout window and will show up the zero dollar bill.
  • Now simply select the checkboxes and press the place order button.
  • Confirm the order and the game will now be present in your library.
  • In this way, you can get the rocket league game on the epic games library.

Here is everything required for activating Rocket league on your gaming consoles. Now let’s see the individual process for activating the rocket league on various consoles.

How to activate rocket league on the Xbox console?

Following is the process through which you can activate rocket league on your Xbox console;

  • First, you will need to turn on your Xbox console.
  • Then using the second device and its web browser, you will need to go to the web browser.
  • Now in the web browser, search for
  • This will take you directly to the activation page of rocket league.
  • There are three steps you will need to perform here.
  • The first one is to sign in to your epic games account.
  • So simply click on the sign-in button present in the center of the screen.
  • Clicking on it will take you to the epic games login page.
  • If you have the epic games account then simply select the method to sign in and then go for the login of it.
  • Once you are into your epic games account, the next page will be of connection.
  • In this step, you will need to select the gaming console device.
  • There are 4 options provided here.
  • Simply navigate to the Xbox device and then press the login and connect button present below it.
  • On the next page, you will click on the link account button.
  • Simply enter the email address for your Xbox account and then the password.
  • Press the sign-in button and finally confirm the link.
  • Now once the Xbox account is connected to your epic games account, you can play Rocket League on your Xbox console.
  • The gem will be available in the library and simply go for its download.

How to activate the Rocket league game on PS4?

Although the game is epic games, you can play it on any gaming console. So to activate Rocket league on your PS4 then follow the steps provided below;

  • Open any device and then its web browser.
  • Then go to link using the search engine.
  • Now click on the sign-in button.
  • here you will enter the epic games sign-in panel.
  • Select the account sign-in type and then enter the credentials.
  • They imply on the next page, you will get 4 consoles.
  • Select the PS4 gaming console and then press the Login and Connect button present below the PS4 console.
  • Then simply on the next page, click on the Link account button.
  • Enter the email address used to sign in to the PS4 account and press the next button.
  • Then enter the password and go for the signing PS4 account.
  • Then press the link button and now you will connect to your PS4 account, not to the epic games account.
  • In this way, you are now free to play rocket league on your PS4 gaming console.
  • So this is all about the activation process of Rocket League on PS4.

How to activate Rocket league on your Steam?

You can play rocket league on your steam account too. But you will need to link your Epic Games account first with the steam account;

  • Open any web browser on your smartphone or Pc.
  • Then simply go to link using the search bar.
  • Now login to your epic games account.
  • For this select the login account and then enter the credentials.
  • Then select the Login and connect button present below the team icon.
  • Now click on the link account button appearing on the next page.
  • Then enter your steam username as well as password.
  • Then sign in to your steam account.
  • And now finally press the connect button appearing on the further button.
  • So in this way, you have successfully connected your epic games account to the Steam account.
  • Now you can play as well as save the progress of your rocket league game.
  • Simply go to your steam account and then to its library.
  • There you will get the rocket league game.
  • Download and install it from there.

How to activate Rocket league on your Nintendo Switch device?

Following are the steps to activate rocket league on your Nintendo switch device;

  • Open up your PC or laptop.
  • Then navigate to its web browser and then go to the search bar.
  • Search for on the search engine.
  • Now simply click on the Sign in button here.
  • Enter your login credentials for the epic games.
  • Now select the Login and connect button present in front of the Nintendo switch icon.
  • On the next page, you will get the link tab.
  • Press the link account tab.
  • Then enter your Nintendo login credentials.
  • Then simply press the login button.
  • Now on the next page click on the link button.
  • Watch your Nintendo account.
  • Here you will get a notification about rocket league.
  • Now you can play the rocket league game on your Nintendo Switch console.
  • This is all about the activation process of Rocket league with the Nintendo Switch.

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