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Its Investigation Discovery GO channel, also known as IDGO, is a pay-TV channel. To view these criminal-related news stories from the inside, go to and enable streaming on your device.

Discovery, Inc. launched Investigation Discovery, also known as ID, and Discovery Network in 1996. Discovery Civilization Network World History & Geography Channel

Investigation Discovery is now available in over 73.9 percent of American households.

The Discovery of the Investigation The Go app is required to stream the most popular American shows to your compatible streaming device. It will not get you very far unless you know how to use the IDGO Channel. It is necessary to have a smartphone, computer, or laptop with high-speed internet access. Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary supplies.

Where Should I Enter My Idgo Code?

Step 1: Download and install the Investigation Discovery Go app.

Step 2: Use your Smart Device to launch the IDGO app.

Step 3: On your screen, you will see an activation code.

Step 4: In your browser, go to

Step 5: Fill in the activation code.

Step 6: Select the Activate button.

Investigation Discovery is now available in more American homes. Assuming you need to enter the number and purchase access to the IDGO Channel.

What is IDGO?

IDGO is a video streaming app that allows you to watch full episodes as well as short clips from TV shows. You can also watch exclusive specials, documentaries with awards, and a variety of short video clips that are only available on

Download the app to activate IDGO and dive into the exciting worlds of science, adventure, animals, nature, satellites, the United States military, automobile food, and even life.

Android TV and Chromecast provide a large screen experience by using the IDGO channel on its IDGO channel Fire TV app.

They have a database of hundreds of TV shows. There are also exclusive videos available only to applications. provides a variety of educational programming for children.

Exclusives and TV Shows On your smartphone, you can watch your favourite shows like Man vs. Wild, Wild America, Star Vs. Food, Secrets of Atlantis, Gold Rush, and Project Runway whenever you want. You can also watch fascinating television shows like Hell’s Field online.

IDGO, Animal Planet, TLC, BBC IDGO Science, IDGO Turbo, and Investigation IDGO are among the shows available in your preferred language.

How Do I Add An Id To Roku?


ID has its own Roku channel, Investigation Discovery GO. If your TV subscription is active, you can stream ID’s content.

Step 1: First, connect the Roku to your television.

Step 2: Select the streaming channels from your home screen.

Step 3: From the Streaming Channels pages, select the Search Channels option.

Step 4: Enter Investigation Discovery in the search bar.

Step 5: Select the Investigation Discovery YouTube channel.

Step 6: Then, choose the Add Channel option.

Step 7: When the download is complete, click OK.

How Do I Add An Id To Apple TV?

idgo on apple tv

To watch your favourite Investigation Discovery (IDGO) shows on Apple TV, go to and enable the IDGO application.

  • Please follow the steps below to stream your favourite IDGO shows:
  • Begin by using the app for your Apple device and then go to the App Store.
  • In the application, look for the IDGO application.
  • If you find the app, choose the same option to download it to your Apple device.
  • You can then launch the application.
  • The app will direct users to the Investigation Discovery Go login screen.
  • In order to access your IDGO account, log in with these login credentials.
  • You will be given a one-of-a-kind activation code.
  • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to or
  • When asked for the activation code to activate the Investigation Discovery Go app on the device.
  • Everything you need to do to enable the Investigation Discovery Go app on Apple TV is to click the “Activate” button.

On Roku, Enable Investigation Discovery

You will need to activate your ID before you can stream the content.

Step 1: Launch the ID channel from the home screen.

Step 2: To obtain your Activation Code, simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 3: Please enter the activation code into the provided space.

Step 4: Finally, press the Activate with button.

Step 5: Enter the code here.

Step 6: Click the Activate button.

Sling Television

Sling TV is a popular streaming service that offers many popular live television channels. The primary channel is Sling Blue, and the secondary channel is Sling Orange. ID streaming is also available on it. Sling TV also provides channels such as TNT and AMC. Sling TV also provides access to HGTV and Travel Channel.


Philo is the cheapest streaming service with 60 great channels. You will be able to access your favourite channels as well as your ID. A&E, AMC Philo offers access to BBC America and DIY.

Live Tv + Hulu

Another excellent streaming service provided by Roku is Hulu + Live TV. You can watch your favourite channels via various subscription plans. It also includes Syfy’s History Channel as well as Syfy’s ABC, BTN, History Channel, and Syfy.


AT&T TV, a popular streaming service, provides numerous excellent channel packages. ID can be streamed to Roku via AT&T TV. AT&T TV has more channels, such as CMT, CNBC, HSN, and IFC.


One of the best streaming services is YouTube TV. YouTube TV is a streaming service that offers over 70 channels for as little as $64.99 per month. Channels such as Bravo TV, FX, BTN, and EPIX are available. TNT is also an option.

There are numerous methods for getting Investigation Discovery on Roku. Many popular shows can be found on Investigation Discovery. It also contains Fatal Vows. The American Monster The Tapes of Murder Homicide Investigator. The ID channel allows you to watch your favourite shows online. As soon as an episode airs, it is added to the app. By using ID, you can watch these shows on Roku.

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