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How to Watch HesGoal Football Live on Smart TV?

Hesgoal is a streaming application that streams live football matches in the united states. If you are a football lover, then hesgoal is your best streaming application—Hesgoal provides a subscription, which you can watch all the live football leagues and championships online. Also, the application is only available on android and ios platforms. You can even watch it using your pc, i.e., windows system using a browser and site of hesgoal. But watching it on tv is the best experience. If you have a smart tv and want to watch hesgoal on it, here are the steps to perform the steps to get hesgoal stream on your tv. Let’s start.

Watch hesgoal football live on tv using the Hesgoal mobile application

Hesgoal application isn’t supported by smart or android tv. So it’s difficult for you to watch hesgoal on your tv. But here is a solution provided by the hesgoal itself. Screen casting is the solution to watch hesgoal on tv. Here are steps to cast your hesgoal football stream on tv.

  • Turn on your pc.
  • Then go to the web browser of it.
  • Now search for the official site of hesgoal.
  • After visiting the site’s homepage, log in to your hesgoal account.
  • Now go to the menu bar of the hesgoal homepage using the three lines in the upper left corner.
  • Here you will get the screencast or simply the cast option.
  • Click on it.
  • Now make sure that your tv and pc are connected to the same wifi network.
  • Then here, the cast tab opens up.
  • The devices on the wifi network where your pc is connected are visible here.
  • So click on your tv name as visible in the list.
  • Now it will take some seconds to connect your tv to the pc.
  • The application will be cast on the tv screen, and now, with the help of the pc, you can watch any sports event streamed on hesgoal on your tv.

The mobile hesgoal application to cast a live football stream on tv

Hesgoal mobile application is one of the best applications providing not only the streaming of football and other sports but also news, commentary, statistical data, and live score of sporting events. So here are the steps to be performed for watching live streaming of football on your tv using the mobile hesgoal application;

  • First, open the play store or apple store on your smartphone.
  • Then go to the search bar and search for the hesgoal application.
  • Install the application and wait till the process ends.
  • Then open the application and log in to your hesgoal account.
  • Now go to the application menu bar present in the upper left corner.
  • Then navigate to the cast option.
  • This option is necessary for screen mirroring.
  • Then connect your tv and mobile to a single wifi connection.
  • Your tv will be shortly available in the list of devices available to cast.
  • Then click on your tv name and wait till it connects to your tv.
  • Soon your tv screen will blink, and the hesgoal sports programs will be visible to you.
  • Now take your smartphone and open up any hesgoal program to watch on your tv.

What sports and events are streamed on hesgoal?

Following sports events are streamed on hesgoal;

  • Football, i.e., soccer: The most famous sports event streamed on the hesgoal site. The football leagues such as Fifa, European, Portugal, and Olympics leagues, as well as many more domestic and international pages.
  • Boxing: All the main boxing events are covered with commentary and a live scoreboard.
  • Cricket: Live cricket matches right from domestic matches leagues such as ipl, PSL, big bash, and other country leagues. Also, world cup matches, Asia cup, tournaments, and tri-series are mostly streamed.
  • Racing events: Car, as well as bike events such as moto Gp racing and f1 racing, are streamed on hesgoal

What are the other platforms similar to hesgoal?

Following are the other similar platforms to hesgoal;

First Row sports:

It provides free football streaming with the scores and commentary included in it. You can get a separate application and site for first-row sports.

Sky Sports:

Sky Sports is not only famous for streaming football but also for streaming other sports events. Using sky sports, you can get free streaming and live scores. Also, news articles related to sports events and fixtures are provided here. Sky sports also have a separate application for android as well as ios platform.


Although the name suggests the cricket stream, the platform also streams football and soccer events. The football live streaming is available here. Along with this, you will get the venues and fixtures of events before the notification runs on your mobile application of cricHD.

Fox Sports:

Fox Sports is also a well-known platform and streaming application for watching football matches live. If you are a sports lover, you must have the fox sports application on your phone. The fox sports application is supported on your android as well as ios platform. But if you want it on your tv, you will need to cast your mobile screen on your tv.

Is the hesgoal a free sports streaming platform?

Yes, hesgoal is a free sports streaming platform. It streams live soccer matches. Hesgoal is known to stream the football matches played in Portugal, Madrid, and other clubs. It also streams other sports such as boxing, car racing, especially f1 car racing, cricket, and tennis. The platform provides not only the streaming of these ports but also the news related to them, articles related to sports, commentary, live scores, and many other things.

Is the hesgoal application safe to watch football live?

Yes, the hesgoal application is safe to use. It does not ask the data permission from you. This confirms that your data is not collected by hesgoal and is safe with you.

This is all about watching live football using hesgoal on your tv.

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