How to Scan a Document on MAC?

Scanning any document is converting the hard copy of a document into its soft copy. You’re mistaken if you think clicking a photo can also work. The scanner provides the best quality to the document or image captured. You can even reprint the scanned document or image, which will look like the original. For scanning any document, you will require a device named a scanner. Scanners are available online, or you can also use mobile apps to scan a document. Here we’ll focus on the process of scanning a document on Mac as Mac provides you with a built-in scanner application.

scan a document on Mac without installing any third-party application

Mac comes with a built-in scanner that helps you scan any document easily using your scanner machine. The steps to use the scanner are as follows;

  • First, you need to connect your scanner to the Mac and turn it on.
  • Go to the Apple menu bar and the system and preference option.
  • Here you will get many devices and their names.
  • So select the Printer and scanners option and go into it.
  • Now you will get a list of scanner devices connected to your Mac.
  • Select your scanner from the list.
  • Then click on the “Open Scanner” option.
  • Now the details of your scanner open up.
  • It contains your scanner type, Resolutions of the scans to capture, format, size, and angle of the scan.
  • Finally, you will get a scan button.
  • Selecting all these parameters, click on the scan button.
  • Insert any document into your scanner, and then your scanner will take out a scan.
  • Now the selected file will appear in the feed.
  • Select the location where you need to save it.
  • Your document file is now present in the soft copy format.
  • Now you can share the file on any platform.

Which parameters are adjustable while scanning any document on Mac?

While you scan any document on Mac, the scanner window provides you with many parameters such as resolutions, size of the scan, file format, and many more. These parameters are essential for you to get a perfect scan.

Scan Mode:

There are usually two types of scan modes depending on the scanners. The first one is Flatbed scan mode. You need to place your document or image paper on a flat surface, usually glass, and then get a scan by covering the paper. Another mode is the Document feeder mode. Some printers consist of the document feeder machine above the scanner. This helps you scan large-size and long papers. You must insert your paper into the document feeder and select the mode. The scanner will roll out and scan the document for you.

Kind of scan:

You can select either the black and white or the color option. If you select the black and white option, your scanned document will be lightweight and contain only black and white colors. But if you select the color option, the scanner scans the same colors on every minute thing on the paper. The file scanned using the color options is heavy.


Resolution is necessary if you require to upload the file online. For online upload, you will need less resolution file, and for printing, you will require a high-resolution scanned file. So you need to select the range of the resolution in DPI. As you increase the DPI, the size of an image also scanned increases, and the soft copy becomes heavy.

Size of the scanned file:

You can select the size of the image you need to scan. Generally, the size is available in inches, but it can also be in centimeters and meters. So select the length and breadth so that IT will scan your scanned document in that particular size.

Select location:

You can also select any location using the location option on your device t save the scanned file. So you can save the file anywhere on your Mac storage and get access to the file.

Format of the scan:

You can use various formats to scan your file and save it. The formats include PDF, JPEG, PNG, and many others. Select the format, insert the document and then press the scan button. The scanned file will be present in the selected format.

Other options:

Some additional options give you a choice to prepare the combined document of all the scanners you perform on the scanner. Also, there are options to correct the image if it is blurred.

What types of scanners are available in the market?

There are two types of scanners available on the market. One is the Flatbed scanner, and the other is the Document feeder. The flatbed is like a bed; you need to place your source paper on a glass surface so the scanner can perform the scan. The document feeder is quite a complicated machine but a useful one. You can scan long and large size paper using this scanner. You need to insert the paper in the document feeder, and your paper rolls out to get a soft copy by scanning.

How to scan any document without using a scanner machine?

Advancement in technology has led to the invention of many applications on android and iOS platform that helps you scan documents or images as accurately as the scanner. There are applications on the play store such as CamScanner, DocScanner, and Microsoft lens that help you scan your document. These applications use the camera of your handset to scan the document. You can also select the scan type, file format, and other parameters here. The scans using this document scanner application are as similar and perfect.

So this is how you can scan your document using a scanner on your Mac. No third-party scanner application or software needs to take a perfect scan of your document or image.

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