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How to Make 3D Animation Video For Free Online?

Creating Animation is the most difficult work, but not hard too. The animation engineers work on it to create the characters and background. Animation in single dimensions is easy to create. But creating a 3D animation is tough work. It requires various steps and softwares. The creators use various softwares to create 3D Animation. We will see those steps to create or make 3D Animation below;

List of the best applications/Software for 3D Animation:-

Following is the list of the best applications or software to make 3D Animation;


Wings 3D


Cinema 4D



Source Filmmaker


How to create a 3D animation?

There is a difference between 2D and 3D Animation. 2D Animation is flat and spins in only two directions: by the x-axis and Y-axis. But 3D Animation works in three directions: the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. The movements are given in both animations. We are going to see various steps to make 3D animation one by one as below;

1. Modeling:-

The very first step to making 3D Animation is Modeling. Modeling is a tool that helps the animator to create a 3D object. In modeling, a tool that is primitive is used to develop the 3D object or a mesh. Then the object is given a shape by the primitive object. And after that, the object is filled with some minute details like texture and color. In this way, the modeling phase in 3D Animation preparation works.


Then comes the next step, which is rigging. It was rigged in the sense that it would provide movement to the object that is created by the modeling process. In the rigging process, the skeleton is inserted so the object will move. And in this way, the rigging process is done after the modeling process.

3. Animation and lightning:-

Here is the third step of creating 3D Animation. After completing the modeling and rigging, the next step is to prepare a layout. In the layout step, you need to check the object’s movement. So the animator can make the object move as a 3D animation object. To do the movement, the specific tool that is motion capture data is in use. And then comes the lightning process after Animation. Here the actual process of 3D Animation takes place. For creating the actual original background, the lightning process is in use. As we see how light works on a real background, we need to do the same for 3D Animation. In this way, the lighting and Animation are all set on the object.

4. Proper angle of camera and technique:-

Next comes the step, which is the Angel of the camera and the techniques to create a 3D animation. There are various angles of cameras so that we can give an effect to the 3D object so that it may look real. It is the opposite of real life. We can do anything in the animation world. Various techniques like zooming, blurring, orbiting, and trucking are possible in the animation world. This way, the camera angles, and various techniques create a 3D animation.

5. Rendering:-

The next step in creating a 3D animation is rendering. Here you can observe the movement of an object. Then the shadows, transparent objects, and reflection are checked in this step. It is also known as the toughest step. Sometimes the animators don’t prefer this step. But still, for perfection in the Animation, the rendering step is necessary. And in this way, the rendering step is necessary for 3D animation preparation.

So this is the whole process of creating a 3D Animation.

What are the uses of creating 3D Animation in today’s life?

Animation is a part of entertainment as well as medical sciences and various fields. So we may need 3D animation in various fields. Following are some uses of 3D Animation;

In medicinal science studies:-

Then the teacher of medical science can create a 3D animated object of the body and its parts for study purposes. Using those 3D objects, the teacher can teach students medical terminology and physiology in detail. So here, the 3D Animation objects are very useful.

3D prototype:-

If any industry uses the 3D animated prototype, they can save money. Instead of using Raw materials, the 3D prototype can save time and money—the machinery industries design various objects like cars, eyeglasses, etc. For working to fix them, a mechanical arm can be helpful. It is also a prototype that is also a 3D object. If a car needs to fix the doors and wheels, the prototype 3D arm can fix it easily.

For gaming purposes:-

The next use of 3D Animation is for gaming purposes. Everyone enjoys playing games. Especially the games that are in the form of Animation and video games. Then in games, we see battles and obstacles while playing the game. We feel those obstacles and battles I created using the 3D animation technique. So if you enjoy playing such types of games, then we have one game that is the Horizon Zero Dawn video game. This game also has 3D Animation created in it.

Entertainment: TV and movies:-

It is highly popular and interest-creating used in movies and TV. Here we all enjoy the 3D animation movies and shows. Here if you love the characters present in the Animation are created using the 3D animation technique. You feel those objects to be real. Then in this way, we love enjoying 3D animation movies and TV shows.

Preparation of Presentations:-

Now suppose you are working in a company and want to launch your product. 3D Animation can help you. Your presentation can show the 3D Animation of your product and impress the clients. So instead of boring presentations, you can take this idea and prepare a 3D animation presentation. Then you will get this feature in Microsoft PowerPoint. You will see the Animation in your Microsoft PowerPoint for creating the 3D animations.

For marketing purposes:-

If you are a sales marketing associate, this can be the best option for you to present your product. And if you sell any product, you can represent it in 3D animation form. After that,  you can create an interesting object and content to sell or do marketing of your product.

In this way, 3D Animation plays an important role in various fields.

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