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How to know if someone is spying your phone activity?

Mobile phones contain much useful application that contains your personal as well as financial data. There are many useful applications and files installed and saved on your mobile. Due to the huge data, mobile phones are at high risk of getting hacked. The hacker tries to get your personal data as well as financial information from you so that your money and other essential thing may get stolen by them. So here are some of the checkpoints that will help you to know if someone spying your phone activity. Just go through these points as provided below;

What indications will help determine if someone is Spying your phone?

Following are the indications that will help you get to know that your mobile is hacked or someone is spying your activity. Here you will also be able to know the solution to each problem. So let’s start;

Poor System performance:

If you are using your phone regularly, you must observe that your phone is not performing as fast as it used to perform earlier. This could not always be the sign that your mobile is under the observation of someone else. But a sudden change in the system performance, i.e., slowing your android or iOS operating system on your mobile may indicate that someone is tracking your activity. So you can check the system performance by the following steps;

  • Open your android handset.
  • Then go to the settings of it.
  • Now here, go to the phone settings and performance menu.
  • Here you can check your system performance.
  • Also, some pre-installed system applications will help you monitor your system performance.

So if there is a decrease in the system performance, you must clear all the unwanted files from your mobile. Visit the application section on your phone and then clear the unwanted or the application that seems new to you. 

Loss in battery performance:

You must monitor your battery performance regularly. If there is a sudden decrease in your battery performance, then there may be a chance that someone is using your phone despite your activity. If your phone is new and the battery performance is decreasing after installing some applications, you must clear the application first. You can check the battery performance by the following steps;

  • Go to your settings.
  • Then go to the advanced settings.
  • Here you will get the battery performance settings and the app’s battery usage.

Check whether any unknown application or known third-party application is using your mobile battery. If found, then clear the data of that application first and then uninstall the application from your system. If the problem persists, then simply reset your android or iOS system and freshly install it again.

Graphical unit is less performing:

There is a separate system known as a graphical processing unit for some gaming handsets. This helps you boost your gaming unit and performance. So there is malware that uses your graphical processing unit and slows down your system. Such activity is also GPU mining. So it’s harmful to your system performance and your activity. To know the GPU usage, just visit the GPU settings of your system and then check the usage for a separate application or file. If found, then delete the application or file associated with it.

Phone is heating Up:

The heating of the phone is the comments cause someone is monitoring your phone. Your phone heats because when you are using any application and also the third party application runs at the same time. Due to this, there is a system load on your mobile ram, and your mobile heats up. So in this way, if you observe that your mobile is heating on a regular basis, then first check for any unknown application on your system.

Great difference in consumption of mobile data:

If your mobile data consumption increases suddenly, it is also a sign that someone is monitoring your files or some applications are sharing your data using the internet. In such situations, you must turn off your mobile data first and then follow the steps;

  • Go to the app settings.
  • Find out any unknown or third-party apps.
  • Clear the app data and then uninstall the application.

Malicious activities on your phone:

Suppose you find any malicious activity on your phone, such as your phone hanging up. If any audio or video clips run on your screen, then this may be the sign that it’s hacked. So for such a situation, you must first reset your phone and then prevent the same problem next time. Also, do not download unknown applications or files on your system.

How can someone spying your phone activity?

Some malicious files, applications, or web pages are responsible for hacking your mobile. If you are downloading any application on your system, then you must do it using the system app store and not by the web browser or any other unknown website. Such websites are responsible for providing fake applications and malware in them. This helps your mobile get into the hands of hackers. Or, if you allow permissions for any site that is not secure, you are providing access to your system files and data.

What precautions are necessary for keeping your mobile safe from Spywares?

Following are some important precautions that you must keep to prevent a spyware attack on your phone;

  • Must not download unwanted files: You must not download any unwanted files from any third-party platform.
  • Don’t download any third-party applications: Third-party applications include apps not available on google play or the apple app store. Some mod applications or applications provide free services. These contain spyware and malware that are enough to hack your system.
  • You must not visit any unknown or unsecured website: If you are serving and any unknown website appears and asks permission to allow you within, you must deny the permission. Or else your system can be hacked by using the site itself.

This is how you can know if someone is monitoring your phone activity.

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