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How To Drag And Drop On Mac (Any Item)?

MacOS is the operating system that is supported and launched by Apple. The MacBook has an operating system, which is macOS. Again there are various types of macOS operating systems on MacBook. But the latest version or system in macOS is macOS Big Sur, which means the first system was Mac OS X, now Mac OS XI.

But using a MacBook can be quite difficult for some of them. The drag and drop system of the MacBook can be difficult for users who are new to MacBook. To make the process known to the new users, we will see detailed information about Drag and drop system of the MacBook below;

What is the drop and drag system of the MacBook?

In the Windows operating system, we use the Copy and paste system. We can copy, paste or move the document or file using the copy-paste of the Windows system. The same is for the MacBook. If you want to copy or move the files for the Mac system, then you use the Drag and drop system.

And also, selecting images and adding emails and documents is done by drop and drag operating system of the MacBook. To copy or select the option, you must hold the trackpad, and to paste or insert or release the document, image, file, or email, you must drop the trackpad. That’s it about the drop and drag system of the MacBook.

Steps to drop and drag on Mac:-

You need to follow a basic process to drag and drop any item on Mac. Following is the process to drop and drag items on MacBook;

  • Turn on your MacBook.
  • Then select documents or files or images that you want to drag.
  • After that, press and hold the trackpad or the mouse while dragging the selected item to the place you want to drop it.
  • After reaching that place, drop the items by releasing the trackpad hold.
  • If the user wants to copy the files or documents, instead of moving the files or documents, you have to press and hold the option key while dragging the item.
  • And that’s it, and your file is moved or copied to the desired place you want.

Steps to enable three finger drag system:-

The MacBook has its touchpad mouse system. But if the user faces any issue regarding dragging and dropping using the touchpad, he can use the external mouse device. Or one can use the three-finger drag system. But before that, you need to enable the three-finger drag system. Following are steps to enable the three-finger drag system;

  • Take your MacBook laptop.
  • Then navigate the settings of the MacBook.
  • In the settings pane, you have to search for Accessibility.
  • In the accessibility option, select the Pointer control option.
  • From pointer control, select the Mouse and Trackpad option.
  • In the Trackpad option, you will see the enable dragging button.
  • Then set the three-finger drag.
  • And then click on the Ok option.
  • That’s it.

Steps to use three-finger drag on MacBook:-

After enabling the three-finger drag system for MacBook, we will see how to use the three-finger drag system on MacBook. Following are the steps to use three-finger drag on MacBook;

  • Now open the MacBook.
  • Then go to the file that you want to drag and drop.
  • Then select that file.
  • After that, hold the file and drag your fingers on the touchpad.
  • To select multiple files, you can stop the dragging.
  • Now the files will be highlighted.
  • After that, press and hold the trackpad and drag the selected files where you want to move them.
  • Then after you reach your drop place, release the touchpad.
  • You have to use your three fingers to drag and drop while moving the file.
  • That’s it; the dragging and dropping of the file is successfully using a three finger drag and drop system.

Steps to use External mouse to drag and drop on MacBook:-

If your touchpad doesn’t work, then you can connect an external mouse to your MacBook device. Following are the steps to use the External mouse to drop and drag on MacBook;

  • For that, you have to take the mouse, which is wired or wireless.
  • Then connect it to your MacBook.
  • If your mouse is wireless, then connect it via Bluetooth.
  • Then go to the file you want to drag and select.
  • Click and hold the mouse on that file.
  • Only one file movement is possible using the mouse. Multiple file selection dragging is impossible using the mouse.
  • And if you want to drag multiple files, then you have to press the Shift option and then select multiple files.
  • Afternoon selection of files, move the mouse to where you want to drag and drop the files.
  • That’s it; the Drag and drop using an external mouse is successful on MacBook.

Solutions to fix error regarding Drag and drop on Mac:-

Whenever we use any electronic device, we can face some errors. The support system provides solutions to errors in Mac drag and drop. Following are some errors and solutions to fix those errors regarding Drag and drop on Mac;

  • If Drag and drop is not working on Mac, try to use the mouse instead of a trackpad or trackpad instead of a mouse.
  • Then restart your Mac device multiple times.
  • Instead of using random fingers to drag on the trackpad, use the fingers with which you are comfortable.
  • The error may occur due to the Old version of your Mac device.
  • So check the update for Mac and update your device.
  • Even check the updates for your drivers available on Mac.
  • Update those drivers, and then go for the drag and drop system on your Mac device.
  • Then comes the main issue, which is due to dust.
  • Dust can be incompatible with your trackpad or mouse and can be disabled automatically.
  • So try to clean the trackpad and mouse on time.
  • After that comes the haptic feedback and Fore click; if you disable both, the issue or error may resolve.
  • For an external mouse, if you use a wireless mouse, then you will need full charging of your mouse.
  • This can also cause the error. So check the charging and connectivity of your mouse to your Mac device.
  • Then check the speed of your right cursor or your external mouse with Mac.
  • These are solutions to fix errors with your Drag and drop for Mac.

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