How to Activate NBC on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV?

If you are a user of a pay-TV service or digital TV provider, you can link the service to Activate NBC. This will allow you to unlock all episodes on offer and watch live TV events.

If you are teen to watch this channel through a connected device or smart TV, firstly, you need to activate the NBC streaming app. It is only by activation that you can watch all the available content.

Normally, you can activate NBC news on many devices. This includes Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Xbox One, among others. After activation, you will get access to a gamut of entertainment.

What is the process to activate NBC on smart TV and media devices?

Follow the steps to activate NBC on different devices:-


nbc on roku

The steps to activate NBC on Roku using the following steps:-

  • Firstly, Visit the home screen.
  • Choose streaming channels.
  • Search NBC or select from the given list.
  • Select Add channel.
  • Then, Select GO to the channel.
  • Make an NBC profile if prompted.
  • You need to open the channel to get an activation code.
  • Then, Visit
  • And, Insert the activation code.
  • After that, click on continue.
  • Choose your device and your TV provider.

The following step is to sign in with a TV provider. Once done, you should start watching NBC content on Roku.

Amazon Fire TV:

amazon fire tv

Follow the process given below to activate the NBC on Amazon Fire TV:-

  • Search NBC from the TV’s main menu.
  • Visit apps and games to locate NBC.
  • Select the app to download and install it.
  • After installation, go to the apps page.
  • Open NBC.
  • There, You will find an activation code.
  • Visit
  • Insert the activation code.
  • Then, Press continue
  • Choose your TV provider.

Your following step will be to sign in with your TV provider to complete the activation process.

Apple TV:

apple tv for NBC

Follow the steps to activate NBC on Apple TV:- 

  • Visit the app store.
  • Search NBC.
  • Select the NBC app icon.
  • Click on get.
  • Then, The app will be downloaded.
  • Open the app.
  • After that, An activation code will display.
  • Visit NBC activate page or
  • Then, Insert the activation code.
  • And, Choose your device and select your TV provider.

Followingly, log in to your pay-TV provider using your email or username and password to complete the activation process. In case you are using third-generation Apple TV devices, NBC comes pre-installed. You don’t have to download it. The all above steps apply to all fourth-generation and later models.

How to get the NBC app on TV?

To download the NBC app on your TV using the following steps:-

  • Visit TV’s app store.
  • Then, Search NBC or scroll to locate the app if installed by default.
  • After that, Go by the prompts to download or install the app.

You can activate Samsung by downloading the app on the smart TV from the smart hub. Nextly, open the app, keep the code as it is, and then go to to activate the service. The above steps are almost similar if you want to activate NBC on Bravo TV.

After installation, you can open the app and start to watch the available content.

Troubleshooting: NBC activate not working:

troubleshoot tv

Whenever you want to activate NBC on a device like Apple TV, Roku, or Android TV, you will get an activation code.

In case you get an error after putting the code at or you are unable to connect to the NBC app, here is how you can fix the problem.

  • Remove cookies and cache from your PC browser.
  • Use a different search engine in incognito mode on a mobile device.
  • Enter the activation code again.

The NBC activation code refreshes after a few minutes. If the first one doesn’t work, try again till you find a solution.

How do NBC credits work?

Whenever you sign up for NBC universal and make a profile, the service will provide you with a one-time grant of three credits. Every credit will provide you access to only one locked episode of an NBC TV show.

None can use the credits to stream NBC sports. Since the credits do not get out of date, you can redeem them for a specific episode.

NBC provides the credits during promotions or in special situations. But keep in mind that you do not always need them to see a recent episode of your favorite TV show.

In conclusion,

NBC activation can be done on devices like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox One, among others. For that, you should have a participating pay-TV provider.

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