How to fix Spectrum local channels if it’s not working? 

Whenever we stick to our TVs, the issues we face is an interruption or an outage of any kind. We can’t avoid these things altogether.

There are situations when you find local channels not working on Spectrum. This is the most frustrating moment especially if you had prepared to watch your favorite show.

Local channels can stop displaying on Spectrum due to a combination of different factors. In case you are watching spectrum tv on Roku, Xbox, or Smart TV, you are bound to face such issues.

In case, you are getting a specific error, this guide on Spectrum app error codes and their fixes should come in handy.

Why is my Spectrum TV guide not working?

There are various reasons why your spectrum TV guide is not working. Firstly, it may be that your cable box wants a power cycle. In addition, it may be a problem with your internet connection or signal. Lastly, it may issue with the app, that is, in case you are accessing the guide from an app.

How to fix missing local channels on Spectrum

The methods to fix missing channels on Spectrum are discussed below:-

Method 1: Check your devices connectivity


The simplest things are normally the most ignored. When searching for problems on your Spectrum, check all the basic connections to establish you are not missing anything.

Check the following setups:-

  1. The initial step is to check whether the spectrum receiver is turned on.
  2. The second step is to check your input signal and connections. Cross-check that your tv is set to the correct input. If using an HDMI or coaxial cable. Use your source key on your remote to search for the correct input.
  3. After that, check the condition of all your connectors. All the cables connecting your device need to be in a good condition including power cables. Cross-check the power cables are well inserted into the power source.
  4. You should also utilize the auto-program function on your device if it is available. This function is not available on every TV set but is a useful one if present. Let it program automatically.

Method 2: Configure your DNS well 

configure DNS

There are situations when you find spectrum tv channels are missing on Roku. This is a result of tampered configurations. It makes it impossible to connect to a stream.

Follow the outlined process below to fix this:

  • Correct your DNS settings. Your DNS settings have a significant impact on if you will connect to channels or not. Maintain your DNS to stay connected. Changing your DNS will lead to signal loss.
  • Make the essential software updates on your devices. This will help eliminate small issues experienced.
  • You also need to upgrade your internet speed in case you have low bandwidth.

Method 3: Send a refresh signal to the receiver

Refresh Reciver
  • Firstly, sign in to your Spectrum account from the official website.
  • Then, go to my account tab.
  • Nextly, click on the TV option.
  • Furthermore, click on the refresh option under the equipment section.

Method 4: Use the Spectrum tv app

spectrum TV

When you have the Spectrum package, you can download the Spectrum app and stream it on your phone.

In case,  you are not able to get all the local tv channels on your phone, disable the parental control feature.

Moreover, you should perform a reboot on your devices to establish connections well. It will help your Spectrum channels load over again.

Method 5: Use the correct mode setting

spectrum setting

The TV guide may not work whether you are trying to access it through the menu option. A better alternative is to access the guide from the guide button on your remote control. Take your remote close and press the CBL button on the remote. Then, press the Guide or Menu button and Ok. This will reload the TV guide and get it working.

Method 6: Check your internet connection

internet connection

You will have a problem using the TV guide on the Spectrum TV Stream in your internet connection is slow or not connected. You want at least 2Mbps speed to access the Spectrum TV Stream. First, cross-check the network bar on your wireless device that the signal is strong.

Moreover, check for and remove any device or object blocking signals around the router. It includes a baby monitor, microwave, and other EMF devices.

Method 7: Refresh your Spectrum receiver

It could be that your receiver is not getting a strong signal to show the TV guide. One way to fix the issue is to refresh or retune your receiver. You can restart it via an app, online, or manually.

Restart Spectrum App

In case you are accessing the TV guide from the My Spectrum App and it won’t load, you need to restart the app. 

  • Firstly, you cross-check the app is up-to-date. 
  • Then, visit the app store on your device and check for updates.
  • Though the update is available, download and update the app.
  • After that, close the app and remove it from running in the background. 
  • Click on the app icon to open the app again. This may fix the issue.

Restart Spectrum receiver online

To refresh the receiver online, follow the instructions given below:-

  • Firstly, go to the Spectrum website.
  • Then, sign in to your account.
  • After that, click on services and then select TV.
  • Tap on Experiencing Issues
  • Then, choose Reset Equipment.

Restart Spectrum receiver manually

  • Unplug the receiver.
  • Then, wait for 30 seconds and plug back in.

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