Top 10 Best Music Caching Apps for Offline Listening (2022)

Listening to music is something that all of us find very calming and relaxing. It keeps your mood fresh and active no matter where you go, whether you’re going to college or travelling.

The best part about music is that it relieves stress and encourages you to be active while you work.

Furthermore, thanks to technological advancements, you may now listen to music from anywhere.

Your smartphone and internet are the only things you need with you. And now you’re ready to turn up the volume on your music.

The online experience is usually amazing, but sometimes you may find it necessary to take your music offline. With offline music, you can customise your listening experience to your liking.

The majority of online streaming platforms do not allow you to download your music for offline listening.

That’s why I created this list to  identify and use  the best apps that cache music for offline use.

Top 10 Apps For Offline Music Without Wi-Fi Or Data

1. Spotify


Spotify is a streaming music service that has millions of songs to listen to. Spotify has a large music library that includes everything from classics to current hits.

You must need an account with Spotify in order to create your own playlists and personalise your listening experience.

If you use Spotify and wish to listen to music without the internet, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium membership.

The premium membership will include a tool that allows you to download your favourite music.

2. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is one of the most installed music-sharing apps. It attracts a large number of listeners from all around the world.

It lets you save songs offline in just some simple steps.

Simply select all of your favourite tracks and click “like” on each one. These tracks will be saved offline.

You can save many playlists offline only if you have a SoundCloud subscription. You can download music offline from SoundCloud.

3. Groove Music

groove music

The Groove Music app from Microsoft allows you to listen to all of your purchased music while offline.

You can also use the music app to sync tracks from other devices. You can still move cache music to Groove if you have it on your Android smartphone.

4. Deezer


Deezer is a music download app with over 53 million songs to choose from. Over 180 countries have Deezer apps.

All in all you have an app to access its database, you can be able to listen to your music almost everywhere and anytime. The app lets you listen to live radio also.

Deezer app lets you listen to music offline. All you have to do is go to the settings and turn on the “go offline mode” option.

It is the best free offline music app because of its simplicity.

5. Apple Music

Apple music

Apple Music is a premium app developed by Apple, a leading tech giant. All Apple mobile devices enable the app natively. With this app, you can still save music on Android.

When you first start the Apple Music app, you will see three dots next to each song. 

To download the music offline, click on the dots. On most iPhones, the app comes preloaded.

6. Google Play Music

Google play Music

As a response to the growing demand for digital music, Google created its app named Google Play Music. All Android phones come with the app pre-installed.

Although the Google Play Music app is one of the greatest free apps for downloading music to listen to offline, the process is a little complicated.

You must first log into the app and then navigate to the music track you wish to download. 

You may discover the “Make It Available Offline” option by clicking on the three dots on the track.

However, the capability is limited to a specific quantity of tracks. Unfortunately, not all nations have access to the app.

7. Amazon Music Unlimited

amazon music unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited is a paid service that offers a 30-day ad-free trial. You can download your tracks for offline listening after purchasing them through the programme.

You must follow the steps below to utilise this music app without Wi-Fi.

Purchase a subscription after downloading the app. Play your favourite music next, and any tracks you listen to will be downloaded to your pre-configured save location.

You can’t upload your own songs to the app for streaming.

8. Tidal


Tidal is a high-resolution music app that provides a premium listening experience. There are two types of memberships available: high-fidelity music quality and standard subscription.

You can listen to music even before downloading them using this app.

The download process is very easy; simply choose your favourite tune and click the download button. Live concerts and DJ sets are available with this app also.

9. Slacker Radio

slacker radio

You may make your own radio station with Slacker. Although it is a free app, it does not come without ads. The premium version is ad-free and also available for download.

After installing the app, go to the search bar and type in your favourite song. 

Choose music tracks to listen to later without the internet. For quick access, you should first configure the default saving location.

10. Gaana

gaana app

Gaana specialises in Indian music. There is also English music available for download. This app’s content is limited to music songs exclusively. There is an ad-free with subscription option available for the app.

To use the app to download music, log in, choose the song you want, and then go to the main screen and pick download.

If you’re looking for a great music app for offline listening on your Android, iPhone, or other device, the list above should help.


The entertainment business, particularly music, is one of the first to adopt new technologies. 

All of the offline music apps on our list use cutting-edge technology such as cloud computing to provide a large database of songs, machine learning to give personalized suggestions, and voice recognition to name a few!

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