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How do I get to an AMC Theatre to watch a movie?

After your AMC Theatres account has been activated, you can begin booking tickets online.

To begin, select a movie to watch from the list below. You can also look for specific movies using the search bar at the top of the page. Once you’ve made your decision,

By clicking the “Buy Tickets” button, you can choose a movie, a showtime, and the number of tickets you want to buy.

To upgrade your ticket, choose an AMC Dine-In Theatre or an IMAX Theatre, then click the “Get Tickets” button. If you’re new to AMC Theatres, begin by signing up for an account by clicking the “Create Account” button at the bottom of the page.

Steps to Activate AMC Theatres On Roku

AMC on Roku

Step 1: On your Roku device, go to the Roku channel store. 

Step 2: In the search bar, type AMC theatres on Demand

Step 3: Select add channel. 

Step 4: Start the AMC theatres on Demand app.

Step 5: You will get the activation code on your TV screen.

Step 6: Note down that activation code.

Step 7: Open any of your browsers, on your device.

Step 8: Go to

Step 9: Enter the activation code that you noted down.

Step 10: Then follow the simple steps you will be seen on the screen to complete the registration process.

Steps to Activate AMC Theatres On Your LG TV

AMC on LG tv

Step 1: Search for LG store on your LG television.

Step 2: When the LG store opens, select the “Apps and Games” option.

Step 3: In the “Apps and Games” option, search for “AMC theatres on demand” app.

Step 4: Select “Install” option.

Step 5: Choose “OK”

Step 6: Run the “AMC theatres on demand” app on your LG TV.

Step 7: On your TV screen, you will get the activation code. 

Step 8: Open any browser on your device
Step 9: Go to

Step 10: Enter the code you got on your TV screen before.

Steps to Activate AMC Theatres On Your Samsung TV

AMC on Samsung

Step 1: Get your Samsung TV remote and click on the “Smart Hub” button.

Step 2: Select “Add Apps” 

Step 3: Search for AMC theatres on Demand app in “Add apps”

Step 4: Select the “Download” option

Step 5: Wait till it install

Step 6: Open the installed app on your Samsung TV

Step 7: you will get a activation code on your TV screen

Step 8: Open any browser on your device

Step 9: Go to

Step 10: Enter the code you got on your Samsung TV screen before.

To complete the activation procedure, go to and enter the AMC channel activation code. There are a few measures in place before reaching this out measure to carry out the activation procedure. You can access the AMC channel through individual channel accounts or TV provider accounts.

AMC station is one of the best picture and series libraries available on the streaming system. The following measures will teach you more about the process.

Some TV Suppliers That Support The AMC Theatres Station Are:

  • Fios
  • Optimum TV
  • Cox
  • Dish
  • Xfinity
  • Spectrum
  • DirecTV Today

Steps to Activate AMC on Roku Using Activate?

Step 1: Turn on your Roku device

Step 2: Ascertain that you have a stable network connection to the Roku device.

Step 3: Sign in to your Roku device using your ID and password.

Step 4: Following that, you can navigate to the home page.

Step 5: Look for ‘AMC station’ and select add.

Step 6: The station is easily found in the Television and Film section.

Step 7: After you’ve started the station on the Roku device.

Step 8: You must start the station once it has been discovered on your Roku device.

Step 9: Make a note of the code you received after registering with the station.

Step 10: See with another apparatus browser and enter the code.

Step 10: Following successful activation, you must sign into your TV provider to begin streaming on the AMC channel.

Steps to Activate Premiere Subscription

Step 1: To begin, navigate to on your Roku device and select ‘Start Free Trial.’

Step 2: After that, select your TV provider, and it will prompt you to log in using your TV provider credentials.

Step 3: Make the necessary payments and finish your subscription by following the simple onscreen instructions.

Step 4: Your AMC has been upgraded to AMC premium, and you can now binge-watch with commercials.

How to Activate AMC Theatres on Amazon Fire TV

AMC on Fire stick TV

Step 1: To find the AMC show, navigate to the Main Menu on your Fire TV.

Step 2: Emphasise this programme.

Step 3: Choose download and then install.

Step 4: Launch the programme after completing the setup.

Step 5: You will notice an activation code.

Step 6: Activate on a computer or mobile device by visiting

Step 7: Enter your AMC activation code.

Step 8: Log in with your TV provider.

How Can I Login With My Device?

Step 1: Download the programme from the app store on your device.

Step 2: Get the activation code from the programme and then go to on a computer or mobile device.

Step 3: Enter the code and then sign in to your TV provider.

Step 4: Begin watching full episodes and movie extras.


We can conclude that the website is a reliable source of AMC Theaters information. It includes a wealth of useful and relevant information about the organisation, such as its history and mission statement, as well as its current offerings and services. AMC Theatres is available on a variety of devices, including the LG smart TV, Roku, and Amazon Firestick. If you run into any issues while installing it on these devices, refer to this guide.

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