9 Best Sites Like Putlocker (Alternatives)

Watching movies is some of the best experiences that you go through. These 2 to 3 hours in your life are full of entertainment and glory. Also, some perfect streaming programs run online and provide movies for you. Also, it would help if you had a subscription to watch these movies and series. But some sites actually provide movies for free. Putlocker was also one of such sites. But due to some problems, it’s not working nowadays. So here are some best alternatives to Putlocker. 9 such sites that will provide you with free movies to watch online are provided below. Choose one among these to watch your favorite released movies.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker was one of the best websites that used to provide movies for free. The Hollywood, Bollywood, web series, and many other series were broadcasted on Putlocker. The movie quality here was great. But as time passed, the copyright act struck the site and led to changes in the domain of the site several times. The domain shifted from one to another, and finally, the site came down and was blocked one day. But the case created by the site in many people’s minds was absolutely mind-blowing. So many of these users are searching for alternatives to Putlocker. Here are nine alternatives, i.e., best sites like Putlocker.

What are the 9 Best Alternatives to Putlocker?

Following are the 9 Best Alternatives to Putlocker;

1. Popcorn time:

Popcorn time is one of the best free movies and series-providing sites. The site provides movies in various genres such as animated, action, horror, fantasy, adventure, Sci-Fi, and many others. Here you get Hollywood as well as Bollywood and movies from other productions too. You can watch the movies online and also can download them offline, and then start watching them on your device. Also, popcorn time provides a separate application for you that can run on your android as well as iOS handset. The website URL changes frequently, so we do not provide the URL here. Instead, you can search directly with the site name and watch movies online.

2. Moviezverse:

Moviezverse is also one of the sites of the leading movie. Here you will get various Hollywood movies. There are separate site links presented with the help of a button on the homepage of Moviezverse that takes you to the anime and Bollywood sections. The site is mainly famous for downloading the latest released movies. But you can also watch movies online using this site. Here you can search the movie’s name and then go into the details of that movie, select the quality you need and then follow the on-screen process to watch that particular movie. The audio quality and the video quality of the movies on this site are the best.

3. 123Movies:

123Movies has the greatest movies library present on its site. Also, you get movies in your favorite genres. Here you have two options, i.e., you can directly watch the movie or download the movie to watch it offline. 123Movies is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker. The URL to the 123movies changes frequently. Recently the URL is Using this URL, you can directly visit the site of the movie and then download your favorite movie or watch it online. Also, the site provides you with a separate search bar to search your favorite movie by name.

4. Los Movies:

Los Movies is also the best alternative to Putlocker. It is the most trending site in the united states. As you reach or visit the homepage of the site of the Los movie, you can directly look for the list of the latest released movies sliding automatically on the homepage slider. Also, the URL to this site changes frequently, so you need to search the site by its name in the google search bar, and the site will appear at the top of the search results.

5. PikaShow:

Pikashow is one of the most famous names for providing pirated movies absolutely free. Nowadays, PikaShow also provides you with live streamings of various tv channels as well as sports. Pikashow has a separate mobile application that makes it a unique movie provider. Using this application, you can directly watch Hollywood movies online. Here you can change the video quality and get the best out of it. But the main problem related to the PikaShow is that the links to the movie streams exist frequently. So it would be best if you tried getting the new links to watch the movies by raising the complaint in the help section.

6. Crackle:

Crackle is also one of the best alternatives to Putlocker. The name itself suggests that the site provides you with cracked movies released on the OTT platforms. Those movies which are not free to watch and need an OTT subscription are provided absolutely free here on crackle. Crackle is also the most famous movie platform in the United states. Here you do not need a VPN; also, if you use the VPN, it provides a great download speed. The site is not blocked in any region or any country and is available and open for you. There are millions of daily visitors to this site.

7. peacockTv:

PeacockTv is also one of the best sites to watch and download movie content online. Here you will also get the full live streaming of the tv programs, and they are absolutely free for you. The site is safe to watch movies and download them offline. Sometimes the audio format cannot support your video player application, but you can overcome this problem by selecting a different video player application.

8. MoviesJoy:

The name itself leads to the enjoyment of movies on this platform. The site provides you with a great chance to watch the newly released movies and web series online with the great video quality. Also, the site is best for watching live content and news all over the world.

9. AZMovies:

The AZMovies site is the best site available online. It contains the latest released movies and series. Here you will also get the anime content with the animated movies. The latest released movies are at the top, and there are hundreds of pages for the other site. You can search for any movie, and it will be present for you to watch online.

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