8 Best Tektek Alternatives to Create Avatars

Creating an animated character is called avatar creation. Avatars are very amazing 3D animated characters that resemble human beings. You can create avatars with the help of many tools and platforms available online. One such platform is Tektek. It is one of the most famous avatar-creating platforms presented online. Avatars’ creations require specific structure first and then some editing. Some sites also provide a direct avatar using your camera and photos. So here are some best sites and tools that will help you create and edit your avatar or design a new avatar for your business. So go through all these sites and tools and choose one of the best among these.

What is Tektek?

Tektek was one of the best avatars, i.e., the animated character-creating tool present online. Using the Tektek, one was able to design a special animated character for various business and social media handles. But due to some hurdles with the competitor of Tektek and some internal issues, the platform landed into consequences and got shut down one day. So the users are now finding some of the best and similar platforms that can alternate tektek. So here is the list of 8 best Tektek alternatives to create avatars present in 2021.

What are the 8 Best Tektek alternatives to create Avatars – 2021?

Following are the eight best Tektek alternatives to creating avatars online. They are as follows;

1. Neopets:

Neopets is one of the best Tektek alternatives to creating avatars in 2021. It is the oldest platform providing various tools for creating a structure animated by a person. You must visit the platform and create an account on Neopets here. Also, it provides access to various online tools that will help you design graphical objects. Also, Neopets is available in the United states, France, Portuguese and other countries. So just go and visit the Neopets site and then download the Neopets tools and start using it.

2. DoppelMe:

Doppelme is also a free avatar-creating tool present online. It is a site hosting for the animated character-creating tool. Here you can create unlimited avatar characters for yourself as well as your friend. Also, you can download the avatar in Gif, JPEG, and PNG formats. The Doppelme site is also one of the most famous platforms in the United states. Here not only is the avatar but also can create best-animated objects and give a boost to your imagination using the doppelme tool.

3. Face your Manga:

Using the Face your Manga online platform, you can create the best manga image for your social media handle, account on specific sites, and many other places. You can create your manga and then download it—the manga downloads in very good quality with high definition. You can even compress the image here and get the best quality image in a reasonable size of it. Also, the Face your Manga tool is absolutely free to use.

4. Cartoonify:

Cartoonify is also the best platform to create a best-animated object or image similar to a human being. Here you can upload your photo and get the best avatar similar to you but in the animated as well as graphical format. You can download the image in any format as presented on the tool and use it as your professional avatar. The tool also has a pro version that you can purchase by paying some extra amount and getting the extra features of this tool. Also, the cartoonify tool is available in every country and is accessible without any VPN. You get a separate application supported to your android device and apple mobile phone.

5. HeroMachine:

HeroMachine is also the best platform to create an anime character online. You can create the anime character and then use this anime character for your created comics and books. Also, you can post it on your social media handle. This tool is a professional avatar-creating tool present in two different formats. One is online and free but has limited access to various editing options. The other one is downloadable in a software format but is paid software. So you can use the free version first to create your favorite anime characters and then go for the paid version. It gives a boost to your thinking as well as graphical things.

6. Gaia Avatar Maker:

Gaia avatar maker is also the best tool to create 3d as well as 2D avatars. So if you are a graphic or animated character designer, this is the best tool. Using Gaia maker, you can create a professional character. You can create the character as a whole or also can create only the face of your characters. All the minute things that require to make your character best are provided here. You can also shift to the pro version of Gaia avatar maker to create the best avatar suitable for your projects. While in the free version, you will get some restrictions as well as limited access to the tools.

7. Doll Divine:

Doll Divine is also the best alternative to Tektek. There are many themes available here that you can use for designing and dressing your character. Many game designers use the doll divine tool to create a character for their game. Here it provides you the chance to create the best-animated design for your imagined character. The tool also provides a free trial of a month, but you need to subscribe to it. The free trial provides you access to all the tools present within it. Also, there is a special application available for android smartphones. But the main drawback to this application is that it does not provide full access to all tools on doll divine.


This is an online tool where you can create your animated character. is itself the link to land up on the official site. Here you need to create an account first and then start using the service for free. You can create a professional avatar and then download the avatar image in HD quality in any file format supported by the site itself. So this is the reason making the best alternative to tektek.

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