10 Best Sites Like Textsheet Alternatives For Students

When the world was facing COVID-19, then students were busy with their online classes. Still, during the Pandemic, students attended online lectures and studies. During online studies, students faced problems in finding solutions to their questions. It was not possible to discuss with the teachers the answer. So the site Textsheet was a boon for the students during those days.

Students used to find their answers using the Textsheet site. On the Textsheet, the college and school students were able to ask questions and get solutions to those questions. But after a while, the scenario changed. The Textsheet app didn’t work. So for that reason, we will see the best sites that are like or alternatives to the Textsheet site as below;

What is a Textsheet?

Textsheet is a site where the students can ask their questions and get the solution to their questions—using the Textsheet site, students of college and school are solving their homework and assignments. Even the students were able to get ideas for their projects from the Textsheet site. This was a boon in PandemicPandemic for the students.

But due to the issues related to Textsheet, the whole scenario changed. People used to misuse the site for their fun. And even there was misguiding on the site. And due to these reasons, the Textsheet site was stopped. After that, students start finding an alternative to it. Then we will see those alternative sites that are like the Textsheet site. Following are the ten best sites like Textsheet;

List of 10 Best sites like/alternative of Textsheet:-

Textsheet is the site where college and school students search for homework answers and assignments. But when the Textsheet disappeared then, students started finding similar sites to solve their assignments and questions. For that purpose, we will see alternate or similar sites like Textsheet. Following are the ten best similar sites like Textsheet;

1. Quizlet:-

Now here is the first and the best similar site like Textsheet. Quizlet has answers to your questions regarding your lessons and assignments. In the technical world, we need such sites to get solutions to difficult questions. Then the language in which the answer is explained is in Layman’s language. The answer is in detail and with a profound explanation. The Quizlet site is free to use. And if the student wants more latest answers, then they can purchase the subscription according to the level or plans. And here, the students can also create their own quizzes for study purposes.

2. Slader:-

Now is the next site that is similar to the Textsheet site. This site is only for college students and not for school students. If college students are searching for a site where they will find the best guidance regarding their lessons, then slader is the best option for them. The Slader site can also scan textbooks, questions, and barcodes. It is the same as Textsheet. The site has access to Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It includes subjects like upper-level math, science, English, and some foreign languages.

3. Crazyforstudy:-

And here is another site that is alternative or similar to the Textsheet site. Crazyforstudy site is only for high school students. They can find out the solutions for the specific subject they need. Even if you want to give a test or prepare for any test for subjects like math, science, or languages, the Crazyforstudy site provides you with the tests. Over 50 million books are available on the Crazyforstudy site for high school students. Specifically, the site is for students studying in Australia-like countries.

4. Collegeboard:-

Collegeboard is a site that is similar to the Textsheet site. Here also, the students will find solutions to their projects and assignments. Again the main feature is that if you are preparing for the SAT exam, then it will help you to prepare. You will find various notes and study material to prepare for the SAT exam. Collegeboard has access to iOS and Android devices.

5. SparkNotes,:-

Now comes another similar site that is SparkNotes. It is the same as the Textsheet site. If you are searching for a site where you can improve your writing content, then SparkNotes site is the best site. Even if you are thinking of writing English literature, it will help the writers. Then for creative writing and arts, the SparkNotes site is best for them.

6. Studylib:-

Then comes the next site, which is Studylib which is like a Textsheet. Studylib also has fabulous study material and solutions for questions of the students. It is also a type of study platform where students enjoy learning. You can even complete your assignments and projects on the Studylib site. After that, you can also share the content with your friends on the Studylib site.

7. Chegg:-

Then the next site similar to Textsheet is Chegg. You might have come across this site many a time. It is the most popular site. Maximum students of the US prefer the Chegg site instead of Textsheet. Here you will find eBooks and various study materials. Also, the students can sell their textbooks on the Chegg site. Chegg is free for only seven days; after that, you have to purchase the subscription.

8. Coursera:-

Another similar option to Textsheet is Coursera. Here the students can learn new courses and skills for free. If you are a college student looking for thesis or research papers, then Coursera is the best site for you. This site is also available on iOS and Android systems and devices.

9. PaperHelp:-

The next site that is like Textsheet is PaperHelp. It is the same site as the Textsheet site but different in functions. On the PaperHelp site, the students who are graduates search for research papers. Mainly the Ph.D. students use the PaperHelp site for research. PaperHelp is free, but if you are looking for long information, you need to pay for it. And if you have an issue regarding it, visit the PaperHelp support team.

10. Course Hero:-

The last and the best site, like Textsheet, is the Course Hero site. It is a real hero for students. Hero for providing the study material like videos, guides, research, and notes. Then it also provides notes for the subjects like math, biology, English, etc.

In this way, these are the ten best similar sites like Textsheet.

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