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Advancement in technology has to lead to online learning habits for children. Many online platforms provide many tasks; by solving these tasks, students’ knowledge is checked and boosts the school-going children’s memory. The study formats, quizzes, and other test lines help students achieve better than the books. So here are ten such sites that will help your child gain a big ocean of knowledge and brighten his future. The sites provide knowledge, check your grasping power, and provide you quiz tests and questionnaires in the form of games to boost your skills and problem-solving ability.

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a site that provides you with flashcards of knowledge. Then it also asks you questions about the knowledge provided. The site also provides games that are helpful for students to solve puzzles, answer questions and sharpen their memory. The platform was one of the best study platforms a few years back. But due to some technical issues, the platform slowed down, and the question and knowledge were not even updated. So here are the ten best alternatives to Quizlet that will help your child study well.

What are the ten best sites like Quizlet?

Following are the ten best sites like Quizlet that will help boost your knowledge.


Kahoot is a very interesting study platform available online. It is also the best Quizlet and the most used site to play online quizzes. In Kahoot, you need to create a questionnaire; for that questionnaire, you get a specific code. They can enter the quiz by providing the code to your students or a group of students. Then you can start the quiz. Now Kahoot asks the questionnaires one by one and displays the ranking for the quiz. Also, prices and regards are provided, and Kahoot also makes a special announcement of the winner’s name.

2. Quizizz:

Quizizz is the best platform like Quizlet. It helps you create questions for your audience by providing four options to it and adding the participants to the quiz. Here you need to create your account on quizizz. Then you can create the quiz questions and share the link to your created questions with your audience. Then you can start the quiz, and it selects the winner depending on their score. Also, here you do not need to enter your card details or pay for a single subscription. It’s absolutely for free.


Coursera is an online study platform that provides you with the best tutor for any subject. Right now, there are millions of students pursuing knowledge over coursehero. Also here you get different courses depending on your need and choice. You need to search for your desired course or subject and hire a tutor. The question bank by coursehero stands best to check your knowledge and memory power.

4. Anki:

Anki is the best platform to study quickly. In a short time, you can grasp great things using Anki. Also, it provides shortcut notes and question-answer format study. This helps you understand quicker and complete studying any topic in minutes. Anki also provides quizzes and games that help check your knowledge and problem-solving abilities. There are many shortcut methods implemented in the programs of learning by Anki. One can easily enter the site, select the favorite course, pay for it and get the notes, video lectures, and other content related to that topic or subject.

5. StudyBlue:

It is the best alternative to Quizlet. Here you can combine study and discuss the topics you study with another person who studies the same topics worldwide. Also, you can share your elaborated notes on it so that others get it easy to interpret. This platform is absolutely free to use and contains millions of daily users. There are question banks, quizzes, and other study material available here.

6. Quora:

Quora is the best platform to share your knowledge as well as gain knowledge. Here you can post any question and ask for an answer to it. If the answer is available, then the list appears. Or you have to post the question and wait for an answer to receive. The expert person in that field answers your question. Also, you can answer if any question seems familiar to you. The platform is quite easy to operate, and you are required to create an account on the platform. So in this way, quora is the best site, like Quizlet.

7. Quizalize:

Quizalize is the best interactive study platform all over the world. There is a mobile application of Quizalize that helps you watch students’ progress. Quizalize provides readymade quizzes over millions of topics. So you can just select the quiz topic and can play a quiz with your students. It’s an enjoyable platform to study and gain access to the sea of knowledge. Millions of people use the Quizalize platform.

8. Socrative:

Socrative is an integrative platform where the students and teachers gather together to complete any task. The teacher can create the task over here or use the existing tasks on Socrative and then implement it on the students. This increases the student’s knowledge about the subject and makes the site best to use for study purposes.

9. Google Classroom:

Google classroom is also one of the best study platforms available over the internet. Here you can create your separate classroom, add students, take a formative assessment for the students and get the data in one place. The application is also available for google classroom on the play store as well as other app stores. The teacher can create the classroom easily and then add the students to it by sharing the code. All the teaching material can also be shared here, and the quizzes and ppts are also sharable. And the most shocking truth is that it’s absolutely free to use by any individual.

10. EdPuzzle:

The name suggests that it’s a puzzle platform where the questions and quizzes are puzzling. The ultimate aim is to sharpen the student’s memory and gain vital knowledge. Ed Puzzle is the best site, like Quizlet.

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