10 Best Games like Freelancer for Android & iOS

Games are played by everyone. But there is a difference between indoor games and outdoor games. Outdoor games are for a healthy body, and indoor games are for a healthy mind. And now are the new games that are video games. There are various types of video games with different themes and backgrounds. If one is interested in space traveling games, then here is a Freelancer game. In this game, the players experience a space tour. And then the game played is in SpaceSpace itself. But some can face problems in playing on their devices, and we will see an alternative for it. Following are alternative and similar games as a freelancer game;

What is a Freelancer game about?

Every person enjoys playing video games in their free time. And every person has a different choice for video games too. Some of them like fighting games, some like racing games, etc. Here is the game that will tour you through the whole SpaceSpace. The name of the game is freelancer game. If you are interested in Space exploring, this game is best for you. Following are the best ten alternative games for freelancer games;

1. Star Trek Online:-

The Star Trek online game is the same as the freelancer game. Here also people experience space tours. Then the game is free for every user. The game is for you if you love the Star Trek universe. Then the game is about multiple aliens and multiple characters with decades of lore. And the game is based on science fiction. When the game faced some issues then, it launched the subscription method for funding. And then it becomes number one in gaming. If you are a Star Trek Online game fan, then you will be very happy for its game locations that are known to you. Even their locations in ships in SpaceSpace are exciting.

2. Astro Lords:-

Astro Lords is another similar game to Freelancer. In this game, the people also enjoy being in SpaceSpace for war. It also has a vast universe which is also known as 3D SpaceSpace. Then the game is free for every player. In Astro Lords, the players have to fight the battle in SpaceSpace and galaxy. When the player plays the game, then he will experience that he is in another world. You will feel it to be a real one. Then there are various routes available in this game which can be real to you. Then your spacecraft is also created by you on the asteroid.

3. No Man’s Sky:-

Now another similar game to Freelancer is the No Man’s Sky game. It is also a popular game. No Man’s Sky is the game where you will find a big SpaceSpace or galaxy. Even in this game, there is no stop. The game will be after every season. You can also play this game on your PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The great thing about No Man’s Sky is that it has its own planets, flora, and fauna.

4. Star Conflict:-

Star Conflict is the next game like Freelancer. It is free for the players all the time. The game is also based on science fiction and adventurous missions in SpaceSpace and galaxy. You will even get the equipment to build your ship for the battle. If you want to play this game for free, you have to go to their official website or the steam platform and then play the game. The graphics used in the game are 3D graphics.

5. The DarkOrbit:-

The MMO is the base of the DarkOrbit game. It is also similar to the freelancer game. The MMO of the game is Space and galaxy. If you love to operate the spaceship, then the game allows you to take control of the ship. Then the game is also free for the players. After the updated version of it, it became DarkOrbit Reload. Then it also has various themes, from ice age scenario wars to development scenarios, etc. You can enjoy the game with your friends.

6. Vendetta Online:-

Now the furthermost game that is the same as Freelancer is the Vendetta Online game. You can feel the SpaceSpace and the scenarios in this game. The game of war is played in SpaceSpace, galaxy, and cross-platform. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux users can access the Vendetta Online game on their devices. The game is free for a while but has a small subscription too. Even this game has a vast universe in it.

7. EVE Online:-

EVE Online is the game where you will enjoy playing war in Space, which has aliens and battleships. The launch of the game was in 2003. After 10 to 15 years, the game became popular among gamers. If you love to play games according to your will, then the EVE Online game allows it. The star connection is the theme of this game. You can also select your place on your own.

8. The DarkStar One:-

DarkStar One is a game of space wars. You will experience the game the same as the freelancer game. Then the main theme of the game is trading space and combat wars. In the DarkStar One game, the players have the freedom to make their path from the stars and planets. Then the main theme of the game is planets and stars. You can play this game on your gaming consoles and Xbox devices too.9. X3: Reunion:-

If you remember the X adventure game, the X3 Reunion is one of its parts. And the X3 Reunion is the version after the X 2 adventure version. In this game, only a single player is allowed. So you alone have to explore the whole SpaceSpace and adventure. Then the world is so vast and has depth. Then it also comes with the sandbox, a tremendous experience for players.

10. Galaxy on Fire 2:-

Galaxy on Fire is the last and best game, similar to the freelancer game. The game is based on sending the players to SpaceSpace. You can enjoy the campaign, missions and adventure in this game. Even the player can play this game on their mobile phone.

So above are the ten best similar games to freelancer games.

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