10 Best G-Suite (Google Workspace) Alternatives

If you are an android user or an apple user, then a few apps such as calendar, Gmail, forms, sheets, and docs are some applications or tools that are very important for you. Also, these tools are best if you are using google suite, i.e., G-Suite. The tools make your life easy as they are free, are handy to use, and provide a great performance. Here are similar sets of tools by different brands and services that have the same abilities as that of the G-suite. But these will have a great performance boost on your mobile using the ability. So let’s see it in detail.

What is G Suite?

G-suite is a google suite that contains many small tools. All the tools, including calendar, scanner, docs, drive, maps, sheets, and much more available on your smartphone or laptop, are included under G Suite. If you need to perform any task in your day-to-day life, such as creating a document or spreadsheet, then G-Suite is best for you. With the help of g-suite, you can carry out this work easily and without disturbance. But many people don’t like google policies, so they prefer to have another service on their device rather than the G suite. So here are the ten best alternatives to g-suite that will help you in your day-to-day life.

What are the ten best G Suite Alternatives?

Following are the ten best G Suite alternatives for you.

1. DropBox:

DropBox is a cloud-based platform used for sharing and storing your data. It is widely used throughout the world as the best storage platform. It provides almost 100 Gb of storage for you. So you can store as well as share the files using dropbox. You need to install the android application of dropbox from the google play store, and then you need to create an account for it. After creating the account, you can use dropbox to store and share all your files over the internet.

2. Microsoft365:

Microsoft 365 is one of the best alternatives to the G Suite. Microsoft 365 provides you with the tools present in the Microsoft office packages, i.e., word, excel, PowerPoint, access, and outlook. All these tools are available online, but you need to purchase the Microsoft 365 license key from the Microsoft platform. The tools are the best in service and can perform and access any heavy data over the internet. Also, you can share the links or direct files of your job completion over the internet using the Microsoft 365 tools.

3. Slack:

Slack is also one of the best platforms over the internet, replacing the G Suite. It was launched in the year 2013 and is now quite comparable to the google suite. Slack provides similar tools to google meet, google hangouts, and all other tools. The other tools such as docs, PowerPoint and Excel are also best here. The slack platform is secured over the internet and contains huge data. It’s absolutely free to use. But you need to download it from the official website, and then you can use it on your smartphone and laptop.

4. Samepage:

Samepage is also a collection of various handy tools on the internet. It is the most affordable set of tools on the internet. Samepage provides you the calling tools, voice calls, video calls, team chats, document creation tools, and many other useful tools. The Samepage software collection is an affordable service, and you can afford it while visiting the official site of Samepage. Although the Same Page does not contain the email service, the chat service and voice call service flourish more.

5. Zolo:

Zolo is the best alternative to the G suite present over the internet. It offers you the best email service than the google suite email service. The servers here are quality built, handling the transfer of millions of emails daily. So you can go to the Zolo website, download the Zolo suite for yourself and get access to the tools. Zolo is also an affordable service over many other paid software services over the internet. It mimics many of the software present on g Suite.

6. icloud:

iCloud+ is the best alternative to G Suite if you are an apple user. It only works on the Mac and iOS platforms. iCloud provides 50 GB of storage if you purchase the software plan. You will also get the fastest email delivery system with icloud storage of all your emails. Also, the speed and performance of the icloud suit are great.

7. ProtonMail:

If you are concerned with your emails’ security, you must go for the proton mail. Proton mails provide security to your email as well as the attachments to your email. You can create your account and subscribe to the premium plan of proton mail, and it provides you with a secure mail service. The proton VPN tool is also available while you purchase the proton mail software tool.

8. Rackspace:

Rackspace provides a professional tools service if you turn to it. It greatly provides security for your files. You can prevent all the spam and malicious attacks using Rackspace. Here you get multiple interface options through which you can carry out the security of your data. So Rackspace is one of the best alternatives for you for the G Suite.

9. Citrix Sharefile:

Citrix Sharefile is the best tool present over the internet if you want to securely share or transmit data to anyone. It provides security to your data. There are many software interfaces over Citrix that provide great access to modifications. Citrix also boosts your data and makes it safe from viruses and malware. It offers a great team service if you have struck any odds. So Citrix is the best alternative platform for g suite.

10. GoDaddy Email and Office:

With its cloud service, Godaddy now also provides email and office functionalities. The Godaddy email service is the fastest email service. Also, the tools boost your work and help you complete your work in time. Also, the security options are great provided by GoDaddy email and office, which is why GoDaddy is the best alternative to G Suite.

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